Board meeting 2024-03-05

2024, Minutes

Present: CJ, Jon, Stephen, Robert, Gareth
Chair: Robert

Minutes of the previous meeting

Minutes of 2024-02-06 “approved”


CiviCRM is now working following Rob’s work on it (many thanks)
Discussed the option of just managing the members by hand at some point in the future.
Deferred any further discussion until we can get Rob’s input on maintaining civi and the alternatives.

Financial/membership report

Report circulated.
The person who reported dual payment has been refunded.


A community forum is probably the way forward. We’re not using loomio as much as we used to. We can’t use it for member decisions (as not limited to members) and no longer use it for board decisions as other channels are more convenient. We might get cross-pollination both ways between other community forums and ours. We will request a “UK” forum with Gareth and Robert as mods.

Quarterly Projects:

Q1 (notes/fixmes): CJ has updated the stats recently (thanks)

Q2 defibs: Robert will add some suggested tasks to the wiki page. Discussed what is feasible/what would be a success? An uptick in the rate of increase of defibs on the map, better relationships with guardians? To discuss in April’s mapping chat.

Future QP: we will run a poll on the new community forum.


LCCWG: Adam went on our behalf (thanks)

Future mapping chat

There may be an appetite for a mapping chat thing – should we make a regular space? Monthly? (lots of people rsvp, few join). It would be something we could invite new people to. Could rotate hosting it around the board to spread the load. Third Monday of each month would work (Scotland has an event on 3rd Tuesdays). First one to be advertised on 18/3/24 8pm.

Request from BCS Coventry

Jez has agreed to do this (thanks).

In future we could provide a high quality deck for people wanting to give talks on OSM (people could use parts, replace local examples with their area etc).

Future events

SotM-EU – to discuss next time


Mapping pedestrian infrastructure mapathon: Gareth invited to this with <24h notice, missed it, suggested organiser puts future ones on osmcal.

UKHO has suggested the UK territorial waters boundaries are wrong? Jez will follow up (thanks).

Next meeting

2nd April at 8pm. Apologies in advance from Jon.