Professional services

The UK has a thriving community of freelancers and software consultancies. We run a Talent Directory of service providers that could help your company/organisation to implement OpenStreetMap-based products and services.

These could range from:

  • displaying an OSM map on your web page
  • designing and generating custom map tiles
  • using OSM data for routing information
  • how to add detail to the map for use in your products
  • a multitude of ways to process the data

Our page on how to use OSM has more ideas and details.

This is generally intended for paid-for engagements, but could be unpaid too.

The process is simple:

  1. you, a company/organisation, contact the OSMUK board
  2. we discuss the opportunity with you
  3. we send out a simple Invitation To Tender (ITT) email to directory members (What/Where/Who/When/Why/How much)
  4. directory members introduce themselves directly to you
  5. the requester selects an appropriate provider and works with them
  6. if nobody applies or is selected we will try to provide someone from the board


Or maybe you are a provider who wants to join our talent directory