Professional services

Are you are a UK-based organisation? Are you unsure whether OpenStreetMap could be used for your problem? Do you have an unusual requirement? Do you need unique customisation? or would you just like some advice before continuing?…then we are here to help. 

The UK has a thriving community of freelancers and consultancies. We run a Talent Pool which enables us to connect you to experts who could help your company/organisation to implement OpenStreetMap-based products and services.

The process is simple:

  1. Start by emailing the OSMUK board at We will help you firm up a short specification (What/Where/Who/When/Why/How much).
  2. We email an Invitation To Tender (ITT) to the Talent Pool. Those interested in the project will contact you directly before the agreed deadline.
  3. You are then free to select an appropriate provider and work with them. In most cases you contract directly with the provider and arrange any payments directly with them.

Whilst we don’t charge a fee for putting you in touch with our Talent Pool, this facility is generally intended for paid-for engagements. The pool does include a few members who may be willing to do small tasks for free in the spirit of improving OpenStreetMap.

Projects we can help with include:

  • finding someone to map a new university campus;
  • building a map to cope with a high-volume of visits;
  • displaying an OSM map on your web page;
  • designing and generating custom map tiles;
  • finding an expert to integrate cycle data into OSM;
  • using OSM data for routing information;
  • how to add detail to the map for use in your products;
  • a multitude of ways to process the data;
  • and many more.

In addition, for some projects such as serving map tiles you may find what you need via these useful useful resources.

Are you a service provider? Join our Talent Pool today here.