Board meeting 2019-04-10

2019, Minutes

Minutes of OpenStreetMap UK Board Meeting 10 April 2019


  • Jez (chair)
  • Gregory (minutes)
  • Adam
  • Rob

Apologies from Brian.

Reviewing Actions

Adam adding stuff to Street Complete and coordinating with the developers. First concern was that the app is international, but progress is happening. A shame it’s android only and it focuses on surface of roads (can remove surface tasks). Aiming bigger than ghosts, because there are more nodes of shops without names and it also relies on an open API of data. A future quarterly project would be good, we ideally want data points that are at least several thousand points. Discussion got caught up a lot on localisation and language. There was interest from Street Complete developers to help local projects from us or other people with supportive data sets.

Hello Bristol has gone quiet again. 23rd April for an “Info to OSM” event, and were going to follow up with a joint-event with us on 27th but we’ve got no responses from the main organiser again. Jez has been contacting them on e-mail and their Slack.

Asking Beeline if they’re interested in corporate membership. No response for a while, but Rob will follow-up further.

Message to Talk-GB from Rob asking about venues. To be discussed later.

Enquiries and contact

TfL cycle infrastructure database. Bids received from our Talent Directory (about 3?) and they seem happy, but still to choose one.

Microsoft conversation happened. Lots of projects and aspects talked about, and some bits to follow up. Various aspects they’re interested in, such as local names.

Get Mapping seemed to be going well until today getting an e-mail “apologies for the delay … and I can look into a pricing for you”. Rob to clarify that and what the thoughts are on the offer.

Telenav, we discussed the success of the waylens camera. Suggestion to do a talk about it.

Greater London authority. Gregory met with them for a casual chat. They’ve already met with other London people and very happy with the response from the community.

Finance Update

HMRC fine due to changing of dates, being appealed by Moose accountants. Consideration of our relationship with Moose, but not to be considered for the next 3 months.

Membership update

1 new member and 4 renewals, taking us to over 100 members.

Quarterly Project

A number of people interested in roof top solar, mainly Dan and Jerry. Could do the next project on renewable energy. Datasets available but each have their different issues with them.

Wiki Cleanup

Question sent to Talk-GB that could create quite a discussion.

Event: AGM

Date set as 8th June but still looking for a venue in London. Lots of e-mails sent out by Rob but not a lot of response yet. Trouble is we need 45 days clear notice, so need to be confirmed by the end of April. Need to make these a priority to use contacts and find a place that we can use.

Meeting end

No other business.

Meeting ended +52 minutes.