Board meeting 2019-03-13

2019, Minutes

Minutes of OpenStreetMap UK Board Meeting 13 March 2019


  • Jez (chair)
  • Rob
  • Gregory (minutes)
  • Brian


StreetComplete, hoping to get it setup for the project next month.

Bristol are starting to say yes to an event. Will have a local mapper to do an introduction on 2nd April(confirmed), and 22nd April(not confirmed) hoping for a “Joy Diversion” day with some more OSMers. If the date ends up close to our AGM, it might not be good for us getting numbers of attendance and help. Bristol ODI now have someone responsible for organising it, on-the-day organisation won’t be a lot. Agreed that we should continue on with it and press on, Jez at least plans to to attend.

Ghost List. Brian contacted TSB but hasn’t had a reply, he will chase them again.

Creating a simple page about choosing license compatible for OSM. There is now an OSMF page about that which we can give advice to.

TfL traffic sensors. No further progress, no response from them. Issue with their bridge-height data being derived from OS grid reference.

Corporate Members. No recorded in the CRM. Need to check bank account as to whether the ones needing renewal have had payment sent.


BBC Data Journalist training. Brian had a session with them, and has their contact details so we could send press releases out.

Bline. Rob discussed corporate membership, but could chase on this.

National Trust. Geospatial Commission has delayed decisions on funding, so they still don’t know yet.

TfL Cycle Infrastructure. They accepted our proposal to ask the Talent Directory to help with them, this has been sent.

Microsoft: Contact on talk-GB from Oisin about roads potentially missing names. Also contact from the new engagement head.

Get Mapping: Contact made following from talk-gb, but currently away this week so briefly on hold. Might be an offer of imagery for OSM.


Some communication and info sent to accountants, in preparation for the year end at end of March.


No changes, still 99 members (95 normal and 4 corporate).


Talent Directory success shared to various outlets. Resulted in a few more people signing up to it.

OSM Wiki, a little bit more done by Jez.

Quarterly Project, next one will be “ghosts” to be started 1st April. With a StreetComplete option. Suggested we all try out how the app is currently.

AGM 2019

Last year we notified members on 3rd April, they have to have 45 clear days before the AGM which was on the 19th May. Last day to become a member and vote is 30 days.

Brian and Gregory stepped forward to resign board position at next AGM, members will be able to nominate themselves to run for the open positions.

Might push AGM back later to avoid closeness to Bristol event. Suggesting 8th June. London is strong favour, we would need a venue. Last year we had 14 people. We could send a message out to the mailing list to ask if anyone can offer a venue for us to use.

Suggestion to use funds 

Reduce cost of renting cameras. Agreed 50% of for next 5 people.

Meeting End +66 minutes.