Board Meeting 2023-05-02

2023, Minutes

Apologies: Arthur
Present: Gareth, CJ, Stephen, Jon
Chair: Jon
Minutes: CJ



CJ has added Gyder to the Corporate Members page of the website. No further actions.

Membership Report

5 renewals

Jon to send an invoice to National Trust.

National Trust Organised Editing

Seems to have gone quiet. Gareth to check up with them.

OSMF query

Gareth still to collect the CIC covering letter, then all the documents can be sent to the OSMF.


The last AGM was on the 20th August, we need 45 clear days before so aim to have everything worked out by July.

Not yet decided on whether to host this online or in person

Looking for new directors.


Someone has contacted us about bin data. CJ has responded with an email. No further actions at this time.

Tile Server

CJ has updated the tile server so the Property Boundaries lsyer is now usable in Rapid v2.

Bank signatories

Gareth to contact Brian and Greg.


QP 2, EV charging infrastructure

Launch wasn’t a good as it should have been. CJ to update the wiki page.



Idea floated about the need for more OSM (YouTube) videos. Tutorial videos? Shorter? Targeted at new/none mappers?