Board Meeting 2023-03-06

2023, Minutes

Apologies: Arthur,
Present: Gareth, CJ, Stephen, Jon
Chair: Jon
Minutes: Gareth
Guest: Rob Nickerson



Gareth followed up last month’s meeting with more information and guidance. We’d also like to welcome them as corporate members and thank them for their support.

Green Map

We received a request to promote Green Map. There’s some hesitance as the request does not directly align with the aims of OSMUK, particularly creating a parallel database of items that could be getting added directly into OSM.
Gareth will chat with OSM-Ireland about it.

Financial Report

4 renewals and 1 new corporate member.
Jon to liaise with Jez to follow up with NT on their renewal

Membership renewals

4 renewals and 1 new corporate member.

Rotherham Council Email

We received a query regarding cycle route data. CJ replied how they can access this data.

OSMF advisory

They reminded that we must return accounts info and annual impact reports. Gareth replied and will go to the advisory meeting on the 14th.


New OSMUK mapping chat meeting

A call was held where we spent the first hour talking about various aspects of notes and fixme’s and the second hour was about EV charging infrastructure – which is the QP2 project.
Jon highlighted the benefits of micro-mapping accessibility around EV charging points as it could be useful information for limited mobility.
Documenting the major brands/operators.
Rob will reach out to some EV charger operators for information.

QP 1

More notes have been resolved than created in the 3 months. There’s still a great many notes that can be easily closed. Potential duplicate notes were retrieved and added to the wiki page for review also.

Address project

Rob has been trying to implement some of the recommended changes to a forked version of mapcomplete, but it is not ready for use just yet.
He has also been talking with OSGEOUK and may post to the mailing list to get more support on this.

TomTom doing more organised editing

Marjan replied to thank Rob for feedback on engagement. They’re proposing another task to detect building highway conflicts.
Rob will reply on the mailing list issue to focus on positives.

TfL conflation

Gareth to reach out with TfL contractors to check in with their progress.

NT mapping

Gareth to check in with National Trust about their mapping efforts.

Future Events

East midlands mapping chat.

Gareth attended this. Ian Dent gave an interesting presentation about the discrepancy between the recorded routes of NCN on Sustrans (using OS) and on OSM. A lot of discussion on how to handle the declassification of 1000’s of km of routes which may still be signed on the ground.


It was noted that is using openstreetmap data for their map.