Board Meeting 2023-06-05

2023, Minutes


  • Gareth
  • CJ
  • Stephen
  • Jon
  • Rob Whittaker (guest)
  • Rob Nickerson


Discussed benefits of being a CIC versus membership organisations. The AoA could be amended for this?
2nd, 9th or 16th of September are the shortlisted dates for AGM
This means announce by 19th July.

There was further discussion on ways to drive engagement for the AGM:

Ask for a demo of how to get the most out of street complete
Ask for people to demonstrate their tools or uses of data.
Ask corporate sponsor to talk about how they use osm data.

Gareth to send a mailchimp newsletter.

QP2 – EV charging infrastructure

Rob N chased EV chargepoint providers for data and got 1 response but no follow up.
Rob W checked NCPR date of updates and has concluded that the major networks are updating it somewhat regularly.

QP2 project, is it worth doing a deep dive on doing wiki page for each type of charger?