Board Meeting 2023-10-09

2023, Minutes

Attendees: Gareth, CJ, Robert Whittaker, Stephen, Jon
Guests: Robert Nickerson



Gareth will share the call for volunteers on mailchimp.


CJ followed up on this and got a reply from Helen who is head of customer success.
This also prompted CJ to produce a maproulette challenge for bus stops with no pedestrian ways nearby.


Jon and Rob N may have a weekend to look into this, but scheduling has been difficult.

Financial Report & membership Renewals

There are a few corporate members who are having their membership lapsed.
Gareth will email the lapsed corporate members to see if they wish to renew.
We discussed whether to follow up on lapsed individual memberships. Gareth will check what automated emails are sent.

Bank account

Gareth has sent the form to Brian. Gareth will chase up.

NT project check up

Olivia fed back to Jon saying they’ve finished the main data capture phase and now they are doing data quality phase. There’s a particular focus on steps and also paths that may intersect with scheduled monuments. They’ve said in general they said they will not remove ways added by others where they’ve already been mapped, particularly in open access areas.


Arthur will be removed from company house as a director and Robert Whittaker will be added.
Robert Whittaker needs an email address so to receive the board@ emails. Rob N will assist.
The CIC34 form can now be prepared.
The website needs to be updated to directors page.

Quarterly Projects

Public transit

This has completed. There was a lot of talk on talk-gb.

Places of Worship

This is the quarterly project for the final quarter.

Future QP

Stephen raised a point saying the past quarterly projects have been quite complicated, particularly the past 2 for new mappers.
Gareth will plan a future QP mapping chat.

Future events


This is in November 10-12 2023. They have a call for volunteers now.


Do people have issue with paypal as the way to renew?

There was a request to pay membership not through paypal. Is this indicative of an issue with paypal?

There was some discussion and in this instance we were able to arrange payment through BACS. In the early days of the local chapter, there were signups in person which were added by hand but this is cumbersome.

Whatever payment provider we use will take a cut.


Rob W has been working on the tooling to detect missing or location discrepancy for AEDs. We have 70% of defibs matched with The Circuit. So they’re possibly missing quite a lot. This will be one of the quarterly projects of 2024.