Draft Annual Report of the Directors 2023

2023, agm


As we reflect on the past year, we are proud to present our annual report, showcasing our commitment to fostering collaboration and driving progress within the mapping and geospatial community. In 2022-2023, we continued to build strong relationships with partners, advocate for open-source data, and contribute to the growth of OpenStreetMap (OSM). Here’s a summary of our key activities and achievements:

Collaboration Highlights:

Supporting NT’s Path Mapping Project:

We played a pivotal role in supporting the National Trust (NT) with their path mapping project, offering expertise and guidance in leveraging OSM data to enhance their mapping efforts.

ODI Liaison for Data QA:

We worked closely with the Open Data Institute (ODI), sharing insights into data quality assurance processes within OSM. Our contributions aided in the development of a comprehensive report by ODI.

Local Chapters and Communities Congress:

We actively participated in the Local Chapters and Communities Congress, where we not only promoted our activities but also engaged in knowledge sharing with fellow local chapters and communities. This exchange of best practices was invaluable.


We invited FOSS4G:UK (Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial UK chapter) to present to the board to learn more about what their mission is and where we could collaborate together.

Promoting OSM Adoption:

TomTom’s Adoption of OSM:

We celebrated TomTom’s decision to adopt OSM as the foundation of their maps platform. Our organisation actively encouraged TomTom to contribute more data to OSM, recognizing the benefits this would bring to the UK mapping community. This led to the use of maproulette challenges that were catered to the UK region, and easier ongoing dialog with the company.

Engaging with the Media:

Engagement with the press on multiple occasions, notably when addressing concerns raised by The Great Outdoors magazine regarding path accuracy and when discussing Ordnance Survey’s rendering updates with The Sunday Times. These interactions helped raise awareness of the benefits of OSM.

Promoting OSM to Companies:

We actively promoted the use of OpenStreetMap to companies, including Gyder, offering insights on indoor and hyperlocal mapping. Additionally, we advised them on providing licence compatible data sources for contributors, facilitating data-sharing efforts.

Supporting Charitable Initiatives:

Charity Backroads reached out to explore opportunities aligned with their mission. We provided guidance on how to engage local communities in editing and publishing maps, enabling them to further their charitable aims.

Assisting Local Authorities:

Local authorities sought our expertise in navigating and utilising OSM data. For instance, we helped a council locate their cycle route data, demonstrating the practical utility of OSM data for local government.

Community engagement:

Rebooted Quarterly Projects:

In January of this year, we rebooted our quarterly projects following consultations with our community and members. These projects were planned in advance to maximise their impact. We hosted mapping chats online to further interact and engage with our community

We continue to also promote discussion on quarterly projects and other mapping topics using the talk-GB mailing list, Loomio site and attending in person meet ups when possible.

Q1 Success: Fixmes and Notes Project:

The Fixmes and Notes project in Q1 was a resounding success, with nearly 8,000 notes detailing map issues or potential fixes resolved and closed. Additionally, we addressed nearly 9,000 cases of the fixme tag in the database, significantly improving map quality.


Our commitment to collaboration, advocacy for open data, and dedication to the OSM community has been unwavering throughout the year. We look forward to another year of growth, innovation, and continued contributions to the mapping landscape.

We extend our gratitude to our members, community, and partners for their contributions and engagement in our mission of promoting the use of OpenStreetMap in the UK.