Board Meeting 2023-07-03

2023, Minutes

Attendees: Gareth Jon, CJ, Stephen
Apologies: Arthur
Guests: Rob N
Chair: CJ
Minutes: Gareth



Jez promoted this on the OSMUK twitter


OSMUK windscreen stickers were suggested by CJ. Rob highlighted the effort versus the reward. Gareth thinks it’s a good idea but is mindful of cost. They could be offered at events too.

Barratt Homes

CJ e-mailed Barratt homes asking for them to share their estate data, but they didnt reply.


CJ emailed Passenger and was redirected to their products team but did not get a response. CJ will follow up.

Web server

There is maintenance to be done on the webserver. this is arranged for 15th July.

Financial Report

Jon presented the financial report
We had 10 memberships this month.
AWS billing failed because it was tied to Adam’s company credit card which has since elapsed.
Gareth needs to forward the letter to Brian to remove Adam and Brian from the bank.

NT OSM mapping

Check up how their project is going. Jon will send an email asking how it is going.


9th of September is the day. 1pm.
Yearly report needs to be prepared. – group effort.
Jon needs to prepare the accounts.
Rob Whittaker volunteering to stand as director to be confirmed by CJ
Gareth to email members to notify.

Quarterly Project

Q2 is over, already! less successful than Q1 but it’s an ongoing project.
No metrics, as hoped to be a documentation task. The metrics would have been invalidated anyway by the tagging vote.
Q3 project is on Buses and public transport.

  • The bus stops
  • The route
  • raster render of naptan routes
  • Improve the wiki
  • announce to talk-GB
  • update the osmuk wiki