Annual General Meeting 2022-08-20

2022, agm, Minutes

These minutes are draft until confirmed in the 2023 AGM

The 2022 Annual General Meeting of OpenStreetMap United Kingdom C.I.C, online.

Chaired by: Jez Nicholson

Minutes: Gareth Ling

Meeting opened at: 13:13
Meeting closed at: 13:38

1. Welcome

Jez welcomes 13 members

Gareth Ling, Adam Hoyle, Arthur Embleton, CJ Malone, Gregory, Will, Jez, Jon, Paul Williams, Robert Whittaker, Stephen holt, Stuart, trigpoint

2. Apologies

The following members provided their apologies:
Mary Mooney
Rob Nickerson
Andy Robinson

3. To accept the attendance of any non-members present and to allow the Chair to call them to speak at his discretion.

There were no non-members present.

4. To approve the minutes of the previous AGM and matters arising (link).

The minutes for the AGM 2021 were posted to the website shortly after the event.
They were agreed.

5. To receive the annual Accounts for the period ending 31st March 2022

Jon discussed the slide and explained the corporation tax expenditure from 2018-19.
Rob Whittaker questioned the basis of corporation tax. Jon explained the previous accountant did not understand that as a CIC we were not ‘trading’ and therefore were not making a profit. This has been amended going forward with the advice of our new accountant.
In 2018-2019 there were some items that could be considered trading, such as the hi-vis vests. This activity no longer continues.

6. To receive the annual Directors’ Report on activities for 2021-2022 which will be submitted to the Office of the Regulator of CICs.

Presented by Gareth

The Annual Report of the Directors 2022 is available on the website.

No objections

7. To accept the resignation of the following Directors: Jez Nicholson and Adam Hoyle; and to thank them for their services.

No objections.

8. To elect new Directors.

We have received 2 nominations for directors. As we have 2 vacancies, the rules of Single Transferable Voting systems are such that if there are as many seats as remaining candidates, these candidates are elected. Arthur Embleton and Stephen Holt’s appointment is now confirmed.

9. AOB

No topics of discussion were requested ahead of the AGM.