Board Meeting 2021-03-01

2021, Minutes

Attendees: Adam, Jon, Gareth, CJ, Jez
Guest: Brian Prangle
Chair: Adam
Minutes: Gareth


Around Birmingham

Brian has been in conversations with a number of organisations in the Birmingham area and has highlighted a couple opportunities which could use OSM data.
The Commonwealth Games in 2022 being held in Birmingham is a motivation to get people to be more active, walking and cycling.
One of the organisations is looking at developing an app for the hundreds of smaller active and sporting communities.
Brian asks if there is osmuk buy-in as there’s likely more than he can do on his own. There may also be funding opportunities forthcoming.

The directors voted to support this effort as it aligns closely with the CIC objectives.


Membership Renewals

Jez chased up some corporate members on lapsed renewals. An invoice needs to be generated for one of them.
Gareth will see if an automated report can be produced to monitor renewals.

ICO registration

We received an email for the ICO suggesting we pay a protection fee. Jez investigated this and as we’re a not for profit, it shouldn’t be required – however further research is needed.
Gareth notes that we still need to better clarify our privacy policy.

LR polygons project:

CJ reports that https is done. Zoom18 is produced. Some documentation is outstanding (how to update tiles, etc.).
Gareth requests that we try and indicate the generation date.

Projets du mois

Adam has been working on this and has got it running – partially. His current objective is to dockerise it.
Adam also notes that osm-BE have mapcomplete which could also be useful.


There was a question to OSMF about delegating the OSMF microgrant decisions to Local Chapters. There was not a lot of feedback on the question, just a few questions asking for clarifications of what we meant. Allan has asked for us to write up our proposal and send it to OSMF.

CJ will see if he can look into the running of osmuk microgrants at the end of March.

Talent pool

Jez e-mailed the talent pool in February. He thinks we should pipe any opportunities through the talent pool to increase engagement, this includes unpaid ones. Jez also would like to move this to mailchimp for easier management.

Leaflets (OSMF microgrant)

Gareth will respond to the Loomio post Rob made and allocate some time to assist.

Pete Masters from HOT/Missing maps on 19th Feb.

Discussed Quarterly Projects and its relevance to Missing Maps getting new groups of contributors interested. A good point that ‘Purpose-led’ is the way to inspire them. Jez will attend the Missing Maps monthly chat.

Data Extracts

CJ asks if we should release our own derived datasets to showcase aspects of OSM.
Gareth thinks possibly a couple example datasets, but providing tooling/guidance would be better than hosting what can already be extracted elsewhere.
Jez suggests releasing one dataset quarterly/periodically, possibly in relation to the QP.

2021 Quarterly project 2.

Reaffirmed that Building outlines will be the subject for QP2. CJ has started a tasking manager project.
CJ will do a loomio post to decide the QP3 project in April, after QP2 starts.
Gareth will consider how to do some data visualisation on the project.

Hi-Vis vests

CJ has processed an order with Rob and there’s discussion if we continue to fulfil the orders ourselves.

Future events:

20/21 March, Code the City 21

This is held in Aberdeen, though is online again. Jez is attending again, and will continue on the household waste recycling theme from previous events.

SOTM 2021

It’s coming. How can we encourage UK contributors to present/take part?


LNER Defibrillators

Jez spoke to the MD of LNER and has been provided a spreadsheet of the AEDs, although they’re in w3w format..