Board Meeting 2021-02-01

2021, Minutes

Attendees: CJ, Gareth, Jez, Adam
Apologies: Jon
Chair: Adam
Guest: Rob N
Minutes: Gareth

Fees increase

Gareth looking to update civicrm from 5.28. Paypal checks for increase to be investigated.

BBB meetings

We’re now using BBB which is provided from the OSMF.


Jon has sent the CIC34, accounts and payment to the regulators.

Membership renewals

We need to chase corporate members for renewals. Jez will follow up on some who have lapsed and the others coming up. Rob highlights: when chasing corporate members, we do now have the online payment option if it is easier for any of the companies.
Adam suggests we ask corporate members if they have anything to offer for members.
CJ raises the prospect of payment in kind in some corporate membership cases.

Tracking Server Usage

This is a discussion on how and when to offer web server usage in a fair and transparent way.

Jez: You can tag servers in aws to help with billing, and use this information to ask for sponsors.
Gareth: We have a couple use cases, where people want to try something to see if it is worth it, where we offer something as osmuk, and time limited servers.
We need to publish what we’re doing so there’s scrutiny
We should have the ‘try it’ servers time limited so they can be costed if they need to exist for longer.

CJ: Jon has access to billing, not sure who else. Must be more than 1 person.

“Try it” servers 3 months use before further scrutiny.
Ongoing projects need to be costed + time effort and reviewed yearly.


Land Registry Polygons Tile Server

Rob: sent the tile server link to 20 users. 20 waiting
feedback: really useful. Some areas missing, scotland, thanet, warwick, clapham, parts of manchester. Zoom 18, 17 requested for parcels of land. A couple people have asked that red is too similar to a selected line in JOSM. Speed is ok to slow.
EA LIDAR tiles requested!
CJ: Want to document the tile server process.
CJ: Will check cpu usage, dns and give hostname
Rob will send out an email to the next 20 once this is done. Looks like thursday.

OFCOM plan of work

Gareth will write this up by end of the week and get someone to review.


Taginfo script now working. some 10 tags related to green space are being monitored. Gareth will do some datavisualisation
Contact OSS?
Defining the tasks for the task manager in QP2 using swiss instance

French QP software

Adam is having a go, but is finding it complicated as it’s not his software stack. Hopes to get it into a docker if it’s worth pursuing.


We have 2 cameras. they’re with Rob. they’ll be sent to adam.
Adam wants to simplify the webpage to increase uptake.
Promote it over media to guage interest.


Adam suggests twice in 2021, April, July.
Gareth suggests march/october to avoid agm planning.
Jez: rolling microgrants are not a good idea so it focusses minds.
April October decided.

Talent pool

Adam suggests we ask the talent pool members for feedback on what’s good and what should be done more. What was not not so good and could be improved in March.
Jez will work on this in march.


Rob has de-prioritised this currently after the tile server.
Gareth will assist in the design of some of these.

Walkers tile server

This is paused whilst Nick works on other projects

Reports from events

Presenting to OSMF

Jez: it went ok, unsure if they’ll do anything for the specific points raised. Got the impression they agreed with many of the points and got them thinking.
Related note: Adam is now a LCCWG member.

#geomob podcast

Jez’s feature in #geomob podcast is out now