Board Meeting 2021-04-12

2021, Minutes

Attendees: Adam, Jon, Gareth, Jez
Apologies: CJ
Chair: Adam
Minutes: Jez


Around Birmingham

Brian has a number of opportunities in Birmingham. Last month the Board voted to support these. We agreed to be subject matter expert for a Uni of Birmingham AI project, but it has stalled deciding what the subject should be.

Action: Adam to talk to Brian.



The CiviCRM update continues. There are some difficulties around auto-renewal payments.

Action: CiviCRM update session next Thursday.

Membership Renewals

Action: Jez to chase corporate members.

Action: Jez to attend CiviCRM update on Thursday.

ICO Registration

Voted 3 (with 1 abstention) that ICO registration does not apply to us as we are a non-profit.


3-1 to hold next AGM online
* must give 40 days clear notice
* All Directors to state which weekends they can attend
* Pick date in next (May) Board Meeting
* Q: can we do the AGM same time as SotM? Yes.

Action: Gareth to send a Loomio poll asking about dates for AGM

Other Activities

Action: Jon to create an administrative calendar (possibly on the web site)

Loomio – Board voted to accept the ‘Non-Profits’ lifetime plan for $199

Land Registry Polygons – Usage is going well + costs are low. CJ to update next month

Action: Adam to ask Joost to demo the Belgium QP platform

Action: CJ to look at the microgrants program again and see whether we can do it

Talent Pool getting setup on MailChimp

Leaflets have been done. Ping Rob about distribution.

Wales organised mapping – Jez to respond to Rupert. Copy other Directors first for their agreement

Data extracts – more next month

QP2 many thanks to CJ for setting up

QP3 CJ to ask on Loomio

Hi Vis was published on the web site

LNER defibrillators being added


Code The City #21 HWRC went well. was launched