Board meeting 2021-01-04

2021, Minutes

Attendees: Jez, Jon, Adam, CJ, Gareth
Apologies: None
Chair: Jon
Minutes: Gareth


Local Chapters & Communities Working Group

Adam is still waiting to be accepted into the LCCWG.


Due to outages on the osmuk website, the AWS instance we were using was increased in size and is handling the load better. Costs are slightly increased as consequence. Pay as you go is approx. £130-140 a year, although if you pay in advance for a year, there’s a considerable discount. A further discount is available if 3 years is paid in advance.
CiviCRM migration proved to be troublesome and time consuming. Gareth lead troubleshooting with support from Adam and Rob and it is now working as it did on the previous server. It now needs upgrading to the latest versions. Gareth will do this with support from Adam.

Because the server was upgraded, the microinstance it was running on is free. This had been provided to Nick Whitelegg to trial a vector tile server with a GB walking schema.

Tiles with land registry data is also being experimented on with another instance.

Gareth raised that providing these amenities to others for OSM-UK aligned aims is good, but we need to improve transparency of how and when they are made available. The directors will discuss re-running the microgrant scheme and defining guidelines of how and when to offer servers and similar in a sustainable and transparent way in the February meeting.

Fees increase

Once civicrm is updated, Gareth will investigate and plan how to implement the membership fees increase.

2020 Quarterly Project 4

The 2020QP4 project concludes this week. Gareth will take a snapshot of GB this week to analyse results.
CJ will update the Loomio post asking for 2021QP1 ideas and cross post this to talk-GB for further input ahead of running a poll.

French QP software

Adam has been busy with civicrm issues but should now have some time to work on this.

CIC34 document

This has been completed by Jez. Jon will print/sign and send it with our accounts and report to the regulator along with payment.

Presenting to the OSMF

This has been further postponed from the 19th of January and is now due on the 29th January 2021 at approx. 3pm. He will base the presentation off the Loomio thread where we solicited our members on their views.

Data ethics policy

Jon has been time constrained so has not looked at this yet.

Facebook call

CJ & Adam attended this. Feedback from the call is that they were keen for us to push use of mapillary as a quarterly project – presumably collecting imagery – and potentially providing hardware to do that. We discussed the option of them funding/facilitating a mapping party or similar event. There was some extended discussion on facebook’s daylight map distribution. Another call is due in the future.

#geomob podcast

Jez was invited to talk on the geomob podcase. He talked about money and how OSM-UK offer the talent pool. It will be edited and released soon.


Talent pool revamp

The talent pool has been quiet due to COVID affecting funding and budgets for many industries, but in the February call, there will be a discussion on whether there’s some revamp/improvement to bring it back into life.