Board Meeting 2020-12-07

2020, Minutes

Attendees: CJ, Gareth, Jez, Jon, Adam
Apologies: none
Chair: CJ
Minutes: Gareth


An update from Jon on what’s been migrated: Email is done. The main OSM site keeps hitting resource limits though. This is possibly due to Civicrm, but it appears to have settled down now.
Adam would like to introduce some monitoring for the performance issues.
Jon noted that there is a small additional cost for the storage required.
SSL certificate should be completed by Tuesday 8th Dec to enable https.
Gareth will perform testing on civicrm this week.
The directors are greatly appreciative for Rob Nickerson’s support and assistance with the server migration.


A vote to increase membership fees passed during the AGM. Coordinating this takes time and there’s no bandwidth available with the directors to manage this so it will likely be pushed back until January (for planning) at the earliest.


Last month there was a query on when we must hold the AGM, considering it was postponed and held so late in 2020 due to COVID-19. The AoA say we must hold it within 6 months of our accounts closing. This means 2021 will be May-October, which is our typical AGM hosting dates. It will be discussed in March.

2020 Quarterly Project 4

Gareth will take a snapshot of the GB database in December to enable some monthly comparisons in the wrap up post. A loomio thread for the 2021QP1 ideas will be created.

French QP software

This has been delayed by web hosting migration taking more time and effort than hoped. Adam is still leading this.


Jon has the signed copy of the accounts but the CIC34 form still needs completing to accompany this, along with payment. Jez will transpose the annual report from the website (discussed and accepted at the AGM) into the CIC34 form.

taginfo-info-to-gsheets npm

Adam has published this to npm. Once server migration is completed, it can be installed there for use on quarterly projects.

Presenting to OSMF

We have been invited to present to the OSMF. This has been scheduled for the 19th of January and will be performed by Jez.

Ethics policy

A data ethics policy for OSM-UK.
A simple statement on how we intend on protecting and being entrusted with our members’ data should be prioritised.
An extended goal to have a statement of what data we promote inclusion to OSM and guidance on what kind of things we’d not encourage.

Reports from events
Code the City

Jez attended this weekend hackathon based in Aberdeen, albeit remotely. The project that Jez worked on was relating to recycling sites and centres and utilised OSM data. A prototype was built and there’s momentum to continue the project, potentially with ODI support.

Future events
Facebook call

There’s a scheduled call this Friday (11th December 2020) with Mike Migurski from facebook to continue discussions on any opportunities following facebook’s acquisition of, streetlevel imagery service, Mapillary.

#geomob podcast

This Wednesday (9th December 2020), Jez is talking with Ed on this podcast about osmuk and the talent pool. It is expected to be released in the coming months.

Local Chapters & Communities Working Group

Adam has applied to join the working group but needs to chase this up.

Big Blue Button

Adam will enquire about using Big Blue Button for these calls, subsequent to OSMF’s offer of provisioning.