Board meeting 2017-09-14

2017, Minutes

Board meeting

Held by teleconference on 14 September at 7.30pm.


Brian, Jon, Rob, Greg, Adam

Agree chair: Jon

1. Minutes

Accepted board meeting minutes 2017-08-10 as accurate.

2. Matters arising

  • Brian, RE aerial imagery from Mapbox: we’ve had a contact about where we think it needs to be improved. Brian is meeting ?Catrina? next week.
  • Brian, RE BCU tileserver: Nick is now in contact with them, and it seems to be progressing.
  • Brian, West Midlands Discovery Data: Some initial discussions and paperwork. This is ongoing.
  • Report from SotM (Jon,Rob,Greg)
    • Jon: it was well organised and lots of people internationally. 

3. Financial report (Jon)

  • All up to date, Rob to be paid for domain name registration.
  • Jon: Rob will also get access to all the bank details.
  • We’ll have a policy that Rob/Jon never make a payment to themselves they’ll get the other person to do that.

4. Paypal report (Jon)

An account is setup for free, so we can have a link to pay with Paypal.

5. Website (Rob)

  • Greg and Rob to co-ordinate, with logins for Greg to setup the newer style/navigation.
  • CiviCRM is setup, just needs members imported. Can give them a 2-month grace period to pay their dues.
  • Greg to draft an email to send to those members, asking for money.

6. Membership Report (Greg)

  • No August newsletter sent.
  • Could do a SotM review initial draft by Jon.
  • Main e-mail will be about the website unveil, when ready!

7. OSMF Affiliation/Advisory Board (Rob)

  • Done.
  • Rob to be our representative on the advisory board.
  • Local chapters has restarted, not sure hows it going to be and what it will be like.
  • Rob and Greg are on the list. Rob has sent an introduction.
  • It’s an open list. Anyone (board or not) are able to join.
  • Ireland chapter likely to be a subject in the next 6-9 months.

8. Welsh/UK rendering (Adam)

  • Need to keep in mind: this is a development server, not intended as a production server.
  • We’ll need to work out some strategy of where we’ll put stuff when it’s ready for production, but that will be some time away.

9. Satorilab grant funding proposal (Adam)

  • Limited time before grant application is due, and unclear how much Ben is working.
  • Will ask Ben for a phone call to discuss how we can help his application.

10. Case Studies (Brian/Greg)

  • Brian: done another case study on Cambridge Uni. Next one will be on CycleStreets.

11. Apps (Adam)

  • Next hurdle is where to host the images. Maybe Flickr or WikiMedia. Brian to check that Andy M got Adam’s email.
  • If these options don’t happen, we’ll need to think about it server options ourselves. Might be to include it in our web server hosting.

12. PRoW updates (Brian)

  • No updates. It seems to be too much work if we did get the data, going to communicate to drop it unless someone is wanting to do the work relating to making use of it.

Any Other Business

  • Brian: Jez asked on talk-gb about teaching materials.
  • Greg volunteers to start a Loomio thread to gain thought and maybe uK-specific slides that already exist.
  • Brian: Civial Aviation Authority is doing some legislation on drones, we need to look at that and get in now to make sure they don’t limit ability for OSM use. Miht be too much for us at this stage? Need to reach out, are there any UK based OSMer drone fliers?
  • Greg: professional flybe drone was at SotM Scotland 2015. Paul?
  • Rob: thoughts on getting 360 cameras (£400) for Mapillary that could be loaned to members-only. Might need to hold full deposits though, or have some insurance. Loomio discussion for directors to flesh out proposals. Good reason for having a chapter.


Meeting closed 8:42 pm.