Board meeting 2017-08-10

2017, Minutes

Board Meeting

Held by teleconference on 10 August at 7.30pm.


  • Brian 
  • Rob
  • Gregory
Agreed Rob to chair.


  • Jon (flying to SotM, sent reports by email)
  • Greg sorry for delaying the meeting.

1. Minutes

Accepted Board Meeting minutes 2017-07-13 as accurate.

2. Financial report (Jon)

  • Bank
    • £1200 from OSMF, £25 apology gift from Co-op
    • £1185 in account now
    • Jon: Should others besides him have access to online banking?
      • Rob for resilience, other directors can be set up later
  • Paypal
        • Paypal is sent up & linked to our bank account. Send invoice to members or put a link on website ? Action: to discuss in Japan, and put a link on website after SotM.

3. Membership Report (Greg)

  • Not checked numbers, 1 new signup?
  • Action:  Greg to look at membership diversity (gender)

4. OSMF Affiliation and OSMF Advisory Board (Rob)

  • Rob not heard anything about it recently
  • Rob will be pushing to share knowledge amongst local chapters

5. West Midlands Data Discovery Centre (Brian)

  • Informal opportunity to make have a space and place where we could make networking contacts (all UK local authority’s transport dept)

6. Updates to Board Standing Orders (Brian)

  • Amendment to section 6: quorum is as per article 16
  • Amendment: Proposed circular resolution accepted as 
  • Both amendments are in the document on the Director’s Loomio.

7. Domains (Rob)

  • Transfer done to Rob’s account. Need to reclaim money from OSM UK CIC.

8. Website (Greg)

  • No further progress. To be picked up in September.
  • Want to have minimum (homepage & paypal registration) ready by mid-September board meeting (14th).

9. BCU tileserver Memorandum of Understanding (Brian)

  • delay with getting Nick & Adam login details
  • MoU viewed and agreed as acceptable

10. Welsh/UK rendering (Adam)

  • No report from Adam.
  • There is a discussion on talk-gb with a Spanish guy studying in Wales & trying to improve the map.

11. Case Studies (Brian/Greg)

  • No new ones written. Some responses to Brian from groups.

12. Apps (Adam)

  • No report

13. Highways England (Brian)

  • No contact from them. We’re on the list of organisations, which will be looked at with how they send updates to.

14. PRoW updates (Brian)

  • Lots of information back from Natural England and Ramblers Association. Some legislation changing, might be good to change. But be too much disjointed data for us to deal with.
  • Worth taking it back to community. State we’re going to table it unless they are volunteers to make use of it.

15. HS2 (Brian)

  • Meeting with Transport Systems Catapult (part of Digital Catapult), they’ve been tasked with building a toolset that collates all the data. We’re only interested in static data. Will be a massive load of work for us to do.
  • Approached Andy Robinson who put all the data into OSM (has contacts), would he be happy co-ordinating the group keeping the data up to date? Yes he would. We’ve got some time, as not much work will done yet.
  • Opportunity to show how quickly we can keep the map up to date, and encourage use of it!

16. Any Other Business

  • Rob: any engagement we should do whilst in Japan?
    • Ask about better aerial imagery (from Mapbox/Digital Globe) for the UK, rather than where they advertise their pretty images.
Meeting closed +1 hour 10 minutes.