Board Meeting 2023-07-31

2023, Minutes

Attendees: Gareth, CJ, Jon (later)
Guests: Robert Whittaker
Apologies: Arthur, Stephen



There is a call for participation. Gareth will echo this on mailchimp.


CJ has a meeting with Passenger 17th of August 11:15-11:45. Gareth will check if he can attend.


On Monday CJ Jon and Rob N will be updating wordpress.

Financial Report

No report yet as we are holding the meeting early

Membership Renewals Update

During July we have had 9 renewals, 1 new full member and 1 small corporate member renewal.

Bank account

Gareth has sent the form to Brian

NT project check up

Jon to follow up with NT.
Robert Whittaker attended a meeting. They have finished the first phase of what they wanted to do and are now reviewing how it went.
They seemed quite happy but wanted to check some tagging details. Notably about paths across meadows that can move.
They were also starting to think about accessibility tagging. Their starting point is they should record information rather than guidance which is aligned with advocacy organisations.


Gareth has sent out the notice for the AGM.
We still need to do the CIC34 form. Gareth to produce first draft of this.

QP3 – Public Transit

CJ created the wiki page but limited edits so far. Lots of discussion on mailing list.
CJ has been linking unlinked bus stops with their naptan

PTv2 is complicated still

Coverage for bus stations is 100% but quality is undetermined.
There’s a bit of focus required for this project as it’s not clear where to improve.

Shall we arrange a talk about this after the AGM?

Future events


This is in November 10-12 2023. They have a call for participation.



They released their first version of their data. CJ has reviewed the first drop and compared the POI data.
There is data which might be able to be brought back into OSM. it appears to be a mix of ODbL and CDLA Permissive v 2.0. CDLA Permissive v 2.0 is compatible with the LWG, but the quality of their building and POI can be poor. Either old data or poor location.

Maybe POI could be a QP in 2024?
There was also a query if Defibrillators/AEDs could be a QP in 2024?