Board Meeting 2023-12-13

2023, Minutes

Attendees: Gareth, CJ, Robert Whittaker,
Apologies: Stephen, Jon


TU Delft, Netherlands interview

Gareth was interviewed by Ashraf about OSM UK. Gareth summarised the kind of questions and responses to the others.

OSMF hosting support

CJ is enquiring if there is the possibility of having web hosting on one of the OSMF servers.

taginfo uk

Geofabrik is now hosting a UK instance of taginfo which is updating on a mostly daily basis. This is beneficial because it includes northern ireland.

taginfo GB

This instance was broken and was not updating but now it is fixed and up-to-date

WordPress + civicrm update

This is scheduled for Tuesday 19th at around 8pm


Paypal doesnt allow recurring payments without creating a paypal account. This might affect some membership renewals going forwards.


We had 1 new member and 8 renewals in November.


Arthur will be removed from company house as a director and Rober Whittaker will be added.
Robert Whittaker needs an email address so to receive the board@ emails. Rob N will assist.
The CIC34 form can now be prepared.
The website needs to be updated to directors page. Gareth will do this.

Quarterly Projects

Places of Worship

CJ produced a maproulette challenge that is identifying missing cemeteries using opengreenspace dataset there’s also places of worship without names .
Gareth produced a pic4review task .


Notes and fixme’s for Q1. Defib in Q2. Gareth to create wiki pages.
Q2 add emphasis on contacting owner of defib to record into the circuit also.



Following reports from events, CJ attended SOTM EU. This lead onto discussion about Addresses. The address
There was some discussion on how to re-visit the addressing projects as a whole.


Jon has provided the information to the accountant and advised the board of the fee to the accountant.
The CIC34 is in the process of being filed along with the accounts.