Board Meeting 2022-09-05

2022, Minutes

Apologies: CJ
Present: Gareth, Jon, Stephen, Arthur
Guest: Rob
Chair: Gareth


CiviCRM transition

Gareth and Rob are still to arrange a time to go through the migration options using Spark. This is likely to be pushed back to October due to availability.

Bank account signatories

Gareth is arranging for the form to be sent to the next couple of people who need to fill the form out.

Financial report

During August, we received 6 individual memberships and 1 corporate membership.


Our accountant has been working with Jon and has submitted the CIC34 form for the year.

Meeting Times

As we welcome Arthur and Stephen to the board, we will discuss if the current scheduled meeting time is convenient and will adjust if neccessary.


Address Project

Rob provided an email update to the group of funders and later a meeting was arranged to discuss the outcomes of the project. In reference to the performance issues of the application, a developer was recommended by one of the funders to look at the code to see whether the issues can be fixed or if it is more architectural to the current implementation. Hopefully by the end of September there will be an indication of the best way to resolve the performance issues and do a wider release.

QP 2022Q4

There will not be a QP4 project. Gareth has been tasked with starting the discussion to publish a full schedule of quarterly projects in 2023 in advance.

Property boundaries layer

CJ was unavailable to update on the progress of updating this tiles layer.

National Trust Paths & Trails project

Gareth will check in with Jez and Olivia on the status of this project.

TfL cycle infrastructure conflation

Richard Fairhurst, Cyclestreets and TfL have been working through the outstanding GitHub issues after pausing conflation following community feedback. Rob will email for an update.



The OSMUK AGM was held on the 20th of August. 13 members attended. The draft minutes are published but will not be confirmed until the 2023 AGM. The discussion on the call after the AGM was useful and has directed some of the decisions on quarterly projects.

SOTM 2022 – Florence

There were comments that remote attendance tickets were for sale which implied it was pay-per-view, when the ticket only enabled the ability to interact with the speaker(s) of various talks. The talks are available on YouTube and were free to watch live.


Telenav camera

Gareth was asked if he had any success in producing a workflow on manually processing the output from the camera now that the custom kartaview firmware does not authenticate. The GPS trace output is in an awkward structure which is making Geosetter or mapillary tools not work as expected. Gareth will try and crowdsource a workflow so the camera can still be used – albeit with manual processing.

Introductions and discussions with Stephen and Arthur

There were discussions on ideas and motivations from Stephen and Arthur. The topics included mapping workflows (this is potential newsletter content) and using mapping outputs, like overlaying routes and POIs using leaflet.js.