Draft Board Meeting 2022-10-03

2022, Minutes

Apologies: Stephen
Present: Gareth, Jon, CJ, Arthur
Chair: CJ
Guest: Nick Bearman, OSGeo (at 20:00)


New directors

Arthur and Stephen have their osmuk email addresses. Company house is still outstanding for updates.

Financial report

This was provided via email from Jon. The September period is £20 down. We had 4 individual memberships. We expect October will be busier. Accountant cost is £215. We approved payment and are very happy with their service.

Membership renewals

1 new member and 3 renewals were recorded in the previous month.

Meeting times

We briefly discussed whether the current schedule is ok and concluded that it does not need to change as it stands.


New OSMUK mapping chat meeting

This is an online meeting open to all, not just OSMUK members. It is a flexible meeting to chat about anything to do with mapping, data sources, etc. Potential dates have been discussed between CJ and Gareth. The second tuesday of the month is mooted. Gareth and CJ will discuss further.

Address project.

Awaiting an update from Rob.


Nick Bearman is chair of OSGeo UK to talk about FOSS4G:UK Local 2022 events.
FOSS4G:UK is in November. More information is here: https://uk.osgeo.org/foss4guk2022local/index.html. They’re looking for people to give talks and attendees.
Additionally, they’re keen to look at collaborations with OSMUK going forward.
They have a mailing list, so we could involve them with in the quarterly projects.
Furthermore, they highlighted that they have funds to allocate to FOSS projects in geospace:
Funding of Open Source Geo Projects https://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/uk/2022-September/001152.html

NT paths and trails project

Awaiting feedback from Jez who was maintaining comms on this project.

TfL cycle infrastructure conflation

Gareth is standing by to attend a meeting with the team at TfL should they need it before resuming edits.

Future Events

Scottish Open Data Unconference (SODU) 5-6 Nov https://osmcal.org/event/1523/
OSGeo:UK 2022 AGM Tuesday 11th October at 12:00 (BST, UK/London)


There was a discussion if CJs new work role would be a conflict of interest, and concluded that it is not, however we will monitor it on a case by case basis.

Correspondance via email

Jon echoed a comment from outgoing director Jez that there should be better coordination on replying to emails to the OSMUK board.
Gareth will monitor the board email address to take over initial responses.