Board Meeting 2020-05-04

2020, Minutes

Present: Jez, Adam, Gareth, Rob
Apologies: Brian

Request for new directors:

We need people to stand to become a Director in advance of our AGM.

We need 5 Directors as a minimum for the organisation to continue in accordance with it’s Articles of Association.

ACTION: Gareth to draft some text.

Where to post it to? Needs to be talk-gb plus wider.

Who needs to stand down? Brian as not appointed at the AGM. Rob to stand down as he is up to three years. Undecided if he will stand again.

AGM planning:

We currently have a drafted date but is clearly not going to be a physical event during Covid-19 pandemic. Brian has reminded us that the announcement needs to be at least 45 days in advance.

Discussion between meetings about delaying the AGM until we have Directors in place.

In our AoA we have to hold an AGM every year so we have until 31 March 2021.

AGM is still planned to be an online event even if the pandemic lockdown starts to be lifted (could easily be re-locked down if numbers go the wrong way).

OSM UK Microgrants:

Still following up with applicants. No responses to the applicant from Wigan (emailed over a month ago and then again over a week ago). Email to the other applicant only recently sent.

Membership fees:

Jez posted to Loomio to ask if we should consider raising membership fees. Some suggestion of increasing the rates to GBP 10 for members and up to GBP 100 for SME corporate members.

For reference OSM Ireland charge EUR 15 for ordinary members (Concession rate is EUR 5) and EUR 300 for corporate membership. Swiss OSM charge CHF 20 (GBP 17) for ordinary members, CHF 150 (GBP 125) for corporate membership. Suggestion that we will proceed with a proposal for increasing our rates to GBP 10 and GBP 100. To be tested with the community.


Rob spoke to a group looking at air quality and wanting to use OSM data. Pointed them in the direction of Lidar data (for building heights), the talk-gb mailing list,

Correspondence from OSMF:
Joost emailed to see if we included the British Overseas Territories within the Local Chapter. Will respond to say no.

OSMF Microgrant:
Option to apply for microgrants up to EUR 5000. Options:

  • Publicity: Leaflets
  • Project: Conflation of OS new data
  • Running costs: Cost of loomio and/or existing hosting to facilitate the chapter for another year.
  • Project: e-bike with camera for mapillary.

Last option could be done as an individual project.

END 1h 20min