Board Meeting 2020-03-02

2020, Minutes

Present: Rob, Jez, Adam, Garethl
Apologies: Brian


Have been offered a venue for £200+VAT. Can go for this or look for something else.

Voting on going for this: All in favour.

Jez: Do we want to get others involved (e.g. ODI Leeds)?
Adam: Jerry provided some ideas. Need to follow up on these.

Action on Jez: Pick up the task of finding sessions to fill the AGM with.

Confirm the venue. Share the date of the venue. (Gareth available for support if needed).

Quarterly Projects

Loomio poll had Major roads as a close second. Would be good to set Q2 early so that we are not late like others.

Action on Gareth: New Loomio poll to see whether community want to run with this or something else.  

Adopting the OSMF Diversity statement

10 responses on Loomio poll. All supportive.

Action on Adam: Share Loomio poll outcome and reply to OSMF board and Diversity committee.  

Membership fees

So far not many people have engaged in this. Gareth asked us to research the fees of other local groups.

Action: Rob to ask at the LCCWG.  


We have 2 weeks from yesterday for a response to the applicants.

Applicant 1: Question: Suggested March. Can it be flexible (to a later date as March is already on us).

Applicant 2: Has a track record as an OSM contributor but hasn’t specified how much he thinks he can achieve in a given amount of time. Question: Ask for detail on how much he expects to achieve by summer. Seems to lack reach (e.g. would have been better if was suggesting running a training session with other nearby mappers/history groups).

Action: Gareth to follow up with second applicant.
Action: Rob to follow up with first Applicant
Action: Rob to add scoring to spreadsheet and share with team.


OSMF in London – March 20th for a potential evening (7pm). They are arriving by Eurostar. Suggested somewhere near Chancery Lane or Kings Cross. Adam proposed Skinners Arms. But may want something closer to Chancery lane.  

Move 2020

Rob and Brian attended with Brian presenting. We walked the conference floor and distributed the new leaflets. Mix of repsonses with some aware of OSM already but others not. Many liked the fact that we exist as a group to turn to with several noting that it is hard to engage with OpenStreetMap as it is unclear who to speak with. Some leads to follow up with (e.g. EV charging point data).

END: +65min