Board Meeting 2020-02-03

2020, Minutes

Date: 03/02/2020
Time: 19:33

Present: Jez, Adam, Rob, Gareth
Apologies: Brian
Chair: Jez
Minutes: Gareth


The outcome on Loomio has lead to Leeds being selected as the location for the 2020 AGM. Jerry noted that there would be an opportunity to link up with the ODI node there. Stuart Lowe is the contact.
Rob will ask if Jerry would be willing to take on organising.
Exact dates need to be determined also, as notice of the meeting being called must be provided.


Microgrants were launched on the 26th of January with a deadline of February 29th. There has been an e-mail newsletter which has also been posted on the osm-uk twitter and also a post to talk-gb. More publicity is needed. So far there is 1 application.

Jez will make a post about this on the talk-gb mailing list and the GB section of the osm forum to publicise it more.

Quarterly projects

Paths through parks and nature reserves was selected for Q1 2020 project after some discussion on options in Loomio.

Gareth will create a wiki page for it. It runs until the end of March.

The Q2 quarterly project should be thought about now. There was a lot of interest in the A road corridors suggestion on the loomio. Adam noted that it could include streetcomplete, but this would need preparation.

Q2 Quarterly project added to March meeting agenda.

Diversity statement

The OSMF published its intentions to create a diversity statement. Adam queried if there were any actions for the local chapter.
Rob asked if the OSMF want local chapters to be signatories of it as it would be good to show our support.

Adam will ask the OSMF what they’re actually looking for in terms of buy in on the diversity statement from OSM communities.

A Loomio poll with options on if members agree, disagree or would agree with amendments to the proposed statement will be made so that we can reflect our membership’s stance on osm-uk’s support for the diversity statement. People can still object/support directly to the OSMF.

Move 2020

Move 2020 is a conference occurring on the 11th-12th of february.
Brian is attending on tuesday and presenting in the evening.
Adam is now unable to attend but will see if they can transfer their ticket.
Rob intends to go to try and recruit more corporate members as it’s been quiet on that front, but was unsure if travel expenses could be claimed for it

A vote on whether it would be a reasonable expense to claim travel costs to the event was held and passed.


A budget has been created as part of the microgrants proposal, however it did not include the additional expense of Loomio, which is no longer free.

It was noted that on balance, we break even for costs, with about as much raised from regular and corporate members as the costs of the website + microgrants.

Rob highlights the difficulties with getting corporate membership conversion – Purchase orders raised but not paid. The time cost of chasing this versus the money it brings in is considered too high.

An increase of membership rates was tabled at the AGM in 2019 but did not pass.

A loomio discussion thread on potential changes to membership rates will be created by Jez, with further budget details from Rob.


Rob is keen to get a topic lined up for the March meeting to encourage greater membership participation in these meetings. Authors various uk osm contribution tools will be asked.

Meeting ended at 20:30