Board meeting 2019-10-07

2019, Minutes


  • Gareth
  • Adam (Minutes)
  • Jez (Chair)

Review Current Actions
Discussion of current actions and updated statuses.

Director Resignation
Following the resignation of Steven Richardson, Adam proposes we announce to the members that we are going to call an EGM to reduce the minimum number of directors from 5 to 3. Agreed in principle by 3 votes, with all noting that they wanted to wait for discussion with the absent director (Rob) before enacting this decision.

Note: Following the meeting a discussion was held online. We agreed not to take this forward and instead to accept an offer from Brian Prangle to re-join as a temporary Director, with a formal election happening at then next general meeting.

Enquiries and contacts to/from Board members

Jez went to SotM and made lots of introductions between people.
Microsoft: Jez met Harsh at SotM. Facilitated introductions to UK attendees (e.g. Open Data Manchester). Jez introduced Harsh to Geospatial Commission by email.

National Trust: presented at SotM. Interested in running a Joy Diversion with Open Data Manchester.

Geospatial Commission: Jez pressed about future aerial photography being open. They say they are licencing it so cannot do so.

UCL: Data Science for Cultural Heritage MSc guest lecture filled by Talent Directory (Andy Mabbett?)

Jiscmail: Gareth spoke to some contacts in academia to see how well osm is represented in libraries and research offices. Not well. Some direction suggested by a librarian at BCU and former postdocs at Sussex uni.

Mapillary: We could sign up as an organisation and should then be able to get geojson outputs for the object detections that their machine learning produces. Free for OSM use, charged for companies.

Quarterly Project

New QP has started and is going reasonably well.

Review 2019/20 Strategy

#1 Use the quarterly projects to partner with another organisation to leverage their membership/supporters. Discussion has started on Loomio, Jez to contact National Trust to see if they would like to get involved or would know another organisation who would.

#4 “Enhance / nurture the Talent Directory.” – Jez has added notes on the OSM website on the process for using the Talent Directory. Gareth to read up on and ensure the Talent Directory is GDPR compliant and ask members of the Talent Directory on their experiences of the directory.

#7 “A micro-grant programme to support those who want to help us grow the community via talks, workshops, etc.” – Adam to put a draft proposal together to discuss at future directors meeting.

#8 “Focus on map fixes (e.g. a quarterly project on Notes, Fixmes).” – Basis for latest Quarterly Project

Reports from events

FOSS4GUK 19/20 Sept Edinburgh
Attended: Jez. Spoke: Chris Fleming on OSM Notes; Alison Moon (thinkWhere) on Fairer Falkirk.

SotM 21/22/23 Sept Heidelberg
Attended: Jez, Gregory, Harsh. Spoke: Alison Moon (thinkWhere) on Fairer Falkirk; Sam Milsom (Open Data Manchester) on Mapping Mobility Stockport; Huw Davies (National Trust); Dan Stowell, Jerry Clough on Mapping Solar Panels; Nick Whitelegg on Hikar; Chris Fleming on OSM Notes.

Future Events

Open Data Camp #7. Geovation Hub, London 2/3 Nov. Weekend unconference. Jez attending. Gregory? Jerry Clough? Previous Camp (in Aberdeen) included an OSM-related ‘Joy Diversion’

MOVE Feb 2020 ExCeL London
Brian Prangle speaking.

“Scottish Open Data Unconference. Aberdeen 14-15 March” Jez probably attending

AGM May/June? Bristol? Birmingham? Nottingham? Leeds?

State Of The Map 2020 Cape Town, South Africa. 3-5 July

OSM birthday 10/11 Aug Could plan to do something next year