Board meeting 2019-11-04

2019, Minutes

Discussion about meetings
Jez: When he joined the monthly call felt too much like a chat. So having an agenda makes sense.
Rob: We sort of defaulted to monthly director calls based probably on what OSMF does.
Agreed that we should have some form of monthly meeting (call, online platform of some form) and that it should have a clear meeting agenda and that it should finish on time. No longer than 1 hour.
We like the idea of it being open to members. Need to ensure that there is some structure and mechanism for members to schedule/ask for time.
On the question of how to make it more interesting:
– Video calls so easier to put face to a name,
– Show and tell sessions / mini presentation (similar Martin’s appearance)
– Focus on a particular thing (e.g. bashing out the detail of the micro grant program)
Consensus that we could do focus specific meetings in place of (rather than alongside) a normal monthly meeting.
We could start collecting notes in advance of the meeting and then it means we have less to talk about in the meeting.
Could give the main topic the first 30 to 40 minutes. Aim to have a decision ready to be signed off at the end of it.
Adam: Has looked at microgrants. He has found an example from elsewhere on how to write a microgrant program (how to establish one, why to do it, etc). It’s very good. We could use it as the starting point for a call. Adam can share on Loomio. Can start to put some detail around it or we could do it on a call.
Jez: I am interested in the rules for who gets access to the funds etc.
Adam: We don’t have much money and don’t know how people will apply. We should say that “these are the aims of OSM UK, you can ask for up to £X, please tell us how what you would like to do”.
Jez: The alternative is that we send some ideas out (e.g. attend a conference on behalf of OSMUK) and invite people to come forward.
Action: Read the document and set up a members meeting to discuss.
Proposed EGM
Adam: What we wanted was to find a way to move it forward. The EGM idea was to put one option on the table. Wanted unanimous result and was aware that Rob wasn’t there.
Jez: The vote was for resolving the core problem of not having enough Director and not bumbling along. It doesn’t have to be an EGM if another solution is available.
Rob: We continued to discuss this on email afterwards. I was concerned about the EGM without having first spoken to the members.
Agreed: Add some text to the minutes to say that we continue to discuss afterwards and that the EGM was not unanimous. The key thing was that we find a way to resolve the issue quickly and not bumble on. Subsequently Brian has come forward to offer to step in to allow us to resolve the issue swiftly. Agreed that this is a good solution as it solves the problem and allows us to get on with our company aims without having the issue of lack of Directors. Members will get to vote again at the next AGM.
Agreed: Have Brian re-appointed as a Director so that we retain 5 as per the articles of association.
Geomob in January
Jez has agreed to speak at the #Geomob London event on 8 January. Will discuss the food hygiene project.
MOVE 2020 tickets have been offered to members and corporate members. Good uptake from corporate members (3 out of 5 so far). Just a couple of normal members interested.
Quarterly Project – keep promoting on social media etc.
OSM UK Wiki pages – Rob worked on these over the weekend. Explained direction of travel: move enduring information to “guidance” pages, mark old wiki progress trackers as “historic” and add links to active projects and active trackers.