Board meeting 2019-06-12

2019, Minutes


  • Adam (chair)
  • Gregory (minutes)
  • Rob
  • Jez



Adam: StreetComplete have added a task/quest to add names to anything. Our getting in touch has helped them see issues and start working on limitations of the app. Could we find some other use for something that that will work? Jez says FHRS is still of interest. suggested to take offline and discuss further.

Quarterly Project, we were attemting to get list of ghost business locations from companies but nearing the end of QP now.

Rob has done some work with the website, mainly the “Contribute” page but it still needs some help. Will continue with it for the next month. Greg happy to carry on doing tweaks to Print CSS style for the Case Studies, and still hopes to convert minutes from being “pages” to “posts” which will make managing/posting them much easier.

Text about contacting OSM UK being open-by-default, lots of responses and many people happy with it.

Meeting (call) with Harsh at Microsoft, happened last week. Not leaping on with speed, but good to have contact. Could do with more data from them about where the holes are, but that doesn’t seem easy to get from him.

Continued contact with Jake at GetMapping. Rob has got info (from 2 orgs) about potential hits that it might get. 4-10 million requests per month. Still ongoing, and will follow along with until we get a quote.

CIC Annual Report has been sent to directors by Brian (need to check we’ve got that?)

Jez created an Eventbrite page for the UK annual meeting.

We also have a webpage about the annual meeting.


Jez got in touch with someone from the Geospatial Commission. Invited them to the AGM, they can’t go but would be happy to have a meeting with us. Jez and Gregory to continue

Gregory has been sending messages to Amazon Logistics users (personally, not representing OSM UK). Invited them to talk to OSM UK and come to our event. They’re going to SotM (Germany) and it’s likely that they’ll start getting involved/connected on an international level if they want to.

Rob has been talking to Beeline, written up on Loomio. They’re looking for ways that they can help, potentially sponsor events.

Enquiry from someone in Eastbourne wanting help making a map. Adam to reply and inform that we can send a message to our Talent Directory.

Finance update

Brian not present. He will be involved afterwards, but we will also need the board to have control. Might need to have him appointed as a (non-director) managerial role. Rob can check who has the roles.

Members update

Corporate members are signing up, being led by Rob.

3 new members in May, taking us to 106 memberships!


We have 3 candidates and 2 open positions. Have manifestos from two of them. Still making consideration as to whether extending the number of positions.

Vote for keeping current number of directors (2 positions available): all directors on call agree.


Jez: We’ve got an agenda, we’ve got 21 people signed up on Eventbrite.

Also got the Wikimedia part at 3pm, don’t know how many of them there are.

Any further action needed? or help? Follow up speakers that are coming.

For voting we vote on spending $10 and using OpaVote and Scottish STV: all directors on call agree. Rob to sort out, but needs manifesto from Gareth.

Brian’s was unhappy on increasing corporate member lower rate. Was not going to do it, was a resolution to be put to members that will be voted on. Brian asked, can he raise an amendment during the meeting for “existing corporate members would not have their renewal rate changed” – Rob reads company rules that it can be done if notice is given not less than 48 hours. Notice has to be given to “the company” (the directors, not the members, but we would usually share it). This gives not-present members some chance to vote on it.

Quarterly Projects

Next one, everyone happy with it being solar. The Loomio poll said this also.

Nothing for directors to do, it’s community run and we will support it as our individual energy allows.

Talent Directory

Noting to discuss.


Next week is Geomob. Steve Chilton is talking about OpenStreetMap.

Meeting finished +29 minutes.