Annual general meeting 2019-06-29

2019, Minutes

The 2019 Annual General Meeting of OpenStreetMap United Kingdom C.I.C, taking place at Newspeak House, London.

The meeting was chaired by Gregory Marler, a Director, who also took minutes.

1. Welcome

Those present were welcomed to the AGM and the space at Newspeak House kindly provided by The London College of Political Technologists. A sheet was passed around to take attendance. A few of the people listed arrived after the meeting had begun.

Members: Gregory Marler, Tom Hughes, Andrew Hain, Tony Shield, Michael Perryman, Jerry Clough, Paul Williams, Gareth Ling, R Russell, Robert Whittaker, Nick Allen, Patrick Hopwood, Rob Nickerson, Harry Wood, Brian Prangle, Adam Hoyle, Joseph Leach, Edward Betts, Phil Barnes, Jez Nicholson.

Guests present (not members): Alison Moon, Andrew Black, Vakerd AAAzhoteson (last name not clear, spelling may be wrong)

2. Apologies

Apologies had been received from Brian Prangle, Rob Nickerson, and Adam Hoyle, who were delayed and would arrive late. Steve Richardson had sent his apologies, although this was not known/announced at the meeting.

3. To accept the attendance of any non-members present and to allow the Chair to call them to speak at his discretion.

The non-members present identified themselves by raising hands. There was no objection to accepting this without a vote.

4. To approve the minutes of the previous AGM and matters arising (link).

There was no objection to accepting this without a vote.

5. To receive the annual Directors’ Report on activities for 2018-2019 which will be submitted to the Office of the Regulator of CICs.

There was no objection to accepting this without a vote.

6. To receive the annual Accounts for the period ending 31st March 2019.

There was no objection to accepting this without a vote.

7. To accept the resignation of the following Directors: B. Prangle and G.Marler; and to thank them for their services.

There was no objection to accepting this without a vote.

8. To elect new Directors. (Details to be circulated in due course)

Steve Richardson and Gareth Ling were the candidates standing. There were 2 vacancies with STV used for voting, meaning that the positions were filled without votes needing to be counted. This was explained with no objections. Steve and Gareth were elected as directors and welcomed to the board.

9. To increase the annual corporate membership fee for SMEs and non-profits for the coming year 2019-2020 to £100, proposed by the Board.

Rob Nickerson and Brian Prangle both spoke on their reasoning for and against this motion. Those present were invited to ask questions or provide points of information.  It was clarified that members could raise this motion again by special resolution at any time, although as a general resolution in the lead up to a general meeting would be the easier option. The vote was taken by a show of hands. The non-members present did not raise their hands as they were not eligible to vote.

Votes for: 6. Votes against: 8. Votes to abstain: 6.

One proxy vote had been received by Rob but not by Gregory. The proxy vote was counted in the totals, and also noted that it would not have affected the result.

The vote did not pass, and the annual corporate membership fee remains at £50.

10. To set all other membership fees for the coming year 2019-2020 at the same rate as 2018-2019, proposed by the Board. 

There was no objection to accepting this without a vote.

11. AOB notified in writing prior to the start of the AGM

No other business requests had been received by the board prior to the meeting.


Meeting closed at 1:30pm.


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