Board meeting 2019-02-22

2019, Minutes

Date: 22/02/2019
Time: 15:30

Present: Adam, Brian, Gregory, Rob
Apologies: Jez

OpenStreetMap UK have been approached by Transport for London for a second meeting in regards to their Cycle Infrastructure Database. They would like to:

  • Discuss the various options for adding the CID data to OSM in more detail including cost for the paid for option.
  • Discuss the options for updating the CID data in OSM and being able to access the updates in an automated way.
  • Options for validating updates from OSM.
  • Licensing implications – specifically relating to OSM derived updates in the CID database and with regard to our Transport Open Data license.
  • Promoting the data to the OSM community and getting their feedback. We have a Tech Forum post here that could be shared:

Brian and Rob called this meeting to discuss the way forward. As part of planning Rob had asked if we should send a simple survey to organisations with experience of commercial staff mapping in order to get an indicative idea of options/costs. This proposal was rejected.

Rob also shared some draft slides in advance of the board meeting to clarify his current thinking (see attached and subsequently amended prior to the TfL meeting).

Gregory declared a conflict of interest in that if work was advertised to the Talent Directory, he may bid himself.

The group agreed that the CID data would likely need some form of organised import/conflation due to it’s size. To do this the steps are to make the data available, to support with tool development and finally to engage paid mappers to use these tools if required (as outlined in the slides). We recommend a 2 stage tender: initial scoping (believed to be circa 5 days work), then the actual work of tool development and mapping.

Rob agreed to update the slides to make the 2 stage process clearer and to add the other topics TfL want to discuss.

Group recommend speaking with Richard Fairhurst & Martin Lucas-Smith to check if they are in agreement with our recommendation. Both will attend the TfL meeting again.

Meeting closed: +27 mins