Board meeting 2019-02-13

2019, Minutes
Board meeting 2019-02-13, 19:38
  •     Gregory (minutes)
  •     Jez (chair)
  •     Adam
  •     Rob (left for a small part of the meeting)
Circular resolutions since last meeting
The board voted on a circular resolution to provide the letter of support to 1Spatial/National Trust in regards to their Geospatial Commission funding competition bid. The resolution was accepted with four in favour (Adam, Brian, Jez, Rob).
    Jez: I’ve cleared some of the older actions by moving them to an archive tab.
    Active Mappers and KPIs. Nothing done.
    Brian has been in contact with SW Higways Authority.
    Academic projects list. Has been done. Rob will post to somewhere, probably the OSM Wiki. Will be really good, because we do get people ask what they can do.
    StreetComplete App, nothing being done till March (new project). Can anything be done upfront?
    Bristol, Jez having trouble getting in contact with Open Data Bristol. They do want to do something, just nervous as to what it is. Going to put together an outline of what it might be and what prep they would need to do before hand and what we can offer to help with.
    Good to start a Loomio thread for that, but aim to get back to them soon.
    Easy for most of the directors to attend.
    Rob: We don’t expect them to run an OSM event, instead we just want them to help us find a space. Don’t think they have their own venue, so we might need to contribute to costs of a venue that they have.
    QP: Ghosts list.
    Nothampton Uni report is on the website.
    Adam: could use a tool to automate websites, and this might work to thank people (using OSM messages) for Quarterly Projects in the future.
    Was definitely worth doing the messages, because it got people starting conversations and talking when they hadn’t.
    Creating a simple page to advise people what license to use. ODI have created a report, so we could reference that from our website.
    High-vis vest. Order placed by Jez, got e-mails but not got the vest yet.
    Brian had a meeting with TfL about traffic sensing data (follow on from Rob’s meeting), need to get an update from him.
    TfL cycle group have a meeting Wed 27th Feb. Rob is going to dial in. First meeting wasn’t very productive. Think that this will be more about how they get the data into OSM and how they maintain it there. Rob told them the basic option is to release the data and get the community to do it, possibly tell them to get some of their staff trained in OSM. If the community are interested, they will add what they want to OSM. Richard Fairhurst and Martin attended previous meeting.
    Microsoft, some response from them. Rob: Every few months we get contact from them that they’re interested in helping & we give them a list of options but then they go quiet.
    Corporate members. Gregory has set up their details on CiviCRM. Renewal invoices for two members to be sent out this month by previous contacts.
    Rob – Beeline Cycle Routing, TfL put us in contact. Rob going to speak to them tomorrow evening about how we can help each other. Probably a high-level chat about what we do.
    Rob – National Trust / 1Spatial. About Geospatial Comission bid, we sent a letter of support as a Stakeholder. They don’t find out until the 8th March if successful. They’re having a meeting with stakeholders. Stakeholders also included “Go Jauntly” an app for walking, could be good to get in touch with them about potentially missing footpaths.
    Side discussion about Talent Directory and grants, and if we should encourage people/organisations to bid for grants on the basis we have a directory of skilled people.
    Rob – OSM Ireland / QUB (Belfast) about promoting an event. E-mail sent to our newsletter.
    Got about £2,400. Not much change.
    Potentially should be braver with using money. Maybe order some high-vis jackets to take to the next event we run. Think what we could do.
    Including Corporate Members, we now have 99 – almost 100 members!
Other Details – high-vis vests
    First batch of orders has been sent by Rob to suppliers.
Talent directory
How should we tell people how it’s started being used. Lots of options. Can be smart with resending to different options, to save time rewriting.
Jez to write something that could go on the website as an article or to the Newsletter.
    Gregory AGM, needs to be in May again?
    45 days notice needs to be given, but we also need time to decide and find venue.
    Good to keep in mind.
Other operations
    Jez has been updating the OSM Wiki. Hasn’t upset anyone.
    Reasonably down to a list of pages on the UK page, will soon be able to approach people to help update specific pages that they’re interested in.
    Naming standard of pages is the trickiest to understand and deal with.
    Side-discussion about how to keep track of real-world changes.
Meeting ended +64 minutes