Board meeting 2019-01-09

2019, Minutes


  • Jez (Chair)
  • Gregory (minutes)
  • Rob
  • Brian
  • Adam (partially, from start)


Current actions, old one from SW Highways worth closing? Brian: no, it’s worth following up.

Create a list of potential projects. Loomio thread, now we could start sharing with local chapters. Local chapters working group (of OSMF) is just starting to start up. Good to share as most projects will be non-UK specific. We’ve got about 6 suggestions. Worth publishing as a web page so others can see it? Rob: yes.

Adam asking a task to StreetComplete paused until a relevant group. Might be best to leave for ghosts projects? Adam needs about 4 weeks to set up a project, so ideally before the project starts.

Event in Bristol is now moving forward,  2nd March (Open Data Day) is being suggested as a day. They’d be more than happy to do a joint event with us. Next step for Jez to confirm that it will be arranged. Discuss how to plan and get in touch with other mappers, to be taken offline. Importance is to confirm the date/venue in next 2-3 weeks so people can book travel if needed at best prices.

Corporation tax: done by us (not by Moose) Bank account only Rob and Brian have access. Need to check two of us have access to HMRC.

Blog post for Transport API. No response for them, Brian will work on writing something himself.

Northampton Uni, content has been written by Jez. Rest of us to look at.

Contribute page on website, now up but could be improved. It links to a few things. Falls into generally making the website better.

Rob still to talk to local chapters about getting a simpler page advising companies about which license to use.

Kisio, some contact made with Brian but work still to done.

Contact corporate members about the Geospatial Commission fund, still to be done.

Rob has now put the OSM high-vis vest for sale.

New to add, following up about TfL about traffic sensor data.

Following current actions, we discussed making sure these minutes are published and shared.


Brian: I’ve had contact from (original contact that put us in touch with St Albans). Video by them talks about OpenStreetMap, could be shared on website on case studies.

Adam: got an e-mail from Amanda. They didn’t get any funding, so the St Albans Unlocked project is going to be ended. It’s a shame, but it’s good work they did. Brian: and it’s connected us with

[Adam had to leave the call]

Jez: ODI Manchester have been talking to me, following comment on Twitter and meeting at OD Camp in Aberdeen. They’re doing exactly what we wanted to do. They’re looking for us to to send someone for training, with funding but not clear what to do. How we do that is a question. Brian: I thought Rob’s comment about using the Talent Directory was good, ask them how much they’re asking for and send it to the Talent Directory. Rob: two ways, that way or send the details to Talent Directory now so they can send bids for their work/cost. Either way we should get in touch with them.

Action for Jez to explain our talent directory, and that we will send some text out to it so people can contact them directly with service offers.

Rob: Happened to be at a meeting with Geospatial Commission and Ordnance Survey. Property extents is not the same as land registry boundaries. GC has had over 200 responses to their call for evidence. By end of March they’ll have announced the timetable they’re working to.

Side discussion about a 2019 mapping project to do all building outlines or add all names in OS but missing on OSM (new product replace OS Locator). These projects require clear instructions and encouraging people to have some local knowledge, so would be good as an OSM UK project.

Contact from Ben Proctor about Welsh Names and Wiki Names. Rob responded with information about who would be good to contact. Some stuff like that done, but as proof of concept.

Gregory had contact from British Red Cross about possible Geospatial Commission submission. Not really any details yet, but they were also keen to talk to the ODI.

Other Points

Brian, Rob, and Greg discussed corporate members, and ensuring that we track when they are due for renewal.

Brief discussion of camera rentals. Suggestion that 360 camera rental period be extended to 5 weeks, inline with Waylens rental to encourage people to make use of it.

1 new member, and 3 renewals this month.

Meeting Finished

+61 minutes.