Join the Talent Directory

We set up the OSMUK Talent Directory to connect companies and organisations with mappers based in the UK who can carry out paid or volunteer work related to OpenStreetMap. Projects can be big or small. We welcome all skill-sets: from mapping, to teaching, to software and website development, to cartography, to academic research, to admin work, to everything else.

The process is simple:

  1. companies/organisations contact the OSMUK board
  2. we discuss the opportunity with them
  3. we send out a simple Invitation To Tender (ITT) email to directory members (What/Where/Who/When/Why/How much)
  4. directory members introduce themselves directly to the requester
  5. the requester selects an appropriate provider and works with them
  6. if nobody applies or is selected we will try to provide someone from the board
  7. the provider can of course get assistance from the community

Currently, opportunities are sent to the whole list and are not filtered by subject or location.

Feeling altruistic (or don’t want the bother of declaring taxable earnings)? You could always earn money for OSMUK and we will spend it on the community.

To join the directory please complete the form below.