Draft Board Meeting 2022-11-07

2022, Minutes

Apologies: Arthur
Present: Gareth, Jon, CJ, Stephen
Chair: CJ
Minutes: Gareth
Guest: Rob Nickerson


New directors

Arthur has been added as a director with companies house. Stephen is in the process of being added. Jez and Adam have been removed from the list of directors at company house.

CiviCRM migration

Rob has looked into how we can move paypal recurring payments.
There’s also been investigation into whether we should split membership into non-voting and voting. This could be useful for during the AGM where we need 10% of the full membership to attend to be quorate. No decision has been made.
Alternatives to CiviCRM were also tabled. Rob highlighted paid memberships pro as an alternative. it is a wordpress plugin. https://wordpress.org/plugins/paid-memberships-pro/
Gareth and Rob will connect on Saturday 12th November to discuss the migration further.

Financial Report

Jon summarised the monthly finance report that received by email.
We have paid the accountant (as agreed in previous meeting) and transferred some funds from paypal into the bank. We also discontinued a $3.50 monthly fee for an unused dynamic dns service.

Membership renewals

Since our previous meeting, we have had 1 new member and 34 renewals.


New OSMUK mapping chat meeting

The first of these was held on the 1st of November and was targetted at discussing quarterly project ideas.
The session was a success, and even ran over time.
We discussed whether it run again and what topics should be included.

  • Maybe every other month to allow fresh topics to be discussed and allow the previous meeting’s actions to get done?
  • Due to the month of December, we’ve pencilled in the next meeting to be held in January.

Address project

Rob has spoken again to the developer who we invited to review the code written in mapcomplete. They recorded an issue in the git project detailing 2 key areas in the code where it is causing performance to be poor. The lead developer of mapcomplete responded said they consider the UK addressing project done and has no current intention on fixing the issues himself but would consider a pull request.
A follow up discussion with the developer we invited to review the code was held by Rob. This centred on figuring out where the project should live.

Options include: Fork it out of mapcomplete and implement the fixes there, build it elsewhere, fix it in situ. etc.

The verdict is they think it’s borderline. The theme in mapcomplete is so close to being usable that it might be best to fork it.
Rob was hoping that the developer could pick up the work (paid) but they indicated that they have no availability. The amount of work is estimated as “it’s days to weeks worth of work rather than months.”
This helps indicate cost.
There was some money left over, but probably not enough to pay for all of the next steps to be done paid for.
As it stands, we do not have a coder identified who could do the work.

Quarterly projects for 2023

A public meeting was held on the 1st of November to discuss ideas for quarterly projects to run in 2023. It was organised by CJ and Gareth.
Gareth e-mailed out a summary of the meeting outcome to the talk-gb mailing list for further comment.
So far, there’s not been much else said, however the mailing list is also quieter than usual.
Gareth will cross-post the contents into Loomio and include it in a mailchimp email shot.

TomTom new map for 2023

TomTom have announced a new map launching 2023 which praises the quality of openstreetmap as a map source. This was discussed on the openstreetmap community forums.
The map uses openstreetmap and adds additional sensor data on top.
There’s a lot of useful quotes that could be used to back up claims of OSM quality and value.
We discussed whether to use some of the quotes in an open letter to raise the profile of OSM to the UK government, and/or the geospatial commission.

TfL conflation

Gareth has not heard anything from the team at TfL in the previous month.


Following Nick Bearman’s guesting last month, Gareth publicised their events in a mailchimp email.

Future Events

OSMF Local Chapters Congress

“The Local Chapters and Communities Congress 2022 (LCCC 2022) is a virtual event where leaders and members of various OSM communities, whether they are officially recognized Local Chapters of the OSM Foundation or just a regular user group of OSM mappers, come together to share stories and learn from each other.”
Gareth is intending to attend this. CJ will try to. Adam, a former director of OSMUK is also attending.


This is on the 17th of November in many locations.



We have many leaflets that can be used to promote openstreetmap. Gareth will include a section about how you can have a pack of them sent to you to distribute in the mailchimp email that he is going to write.