Board Meeting 2021-10-04

2021, Minutes

Attendees: Jez, CJ, Gareth, Jon, Adam.
Guest: Rob Nickerson.
Minutes: Gareth
Chair: Adam


Email on Civicrm is suspect – test email keeps failing, but membership reminders appear to continue to send ok. Gareth and Adam working on it.

Jez has set up an administrative calendar for us. This is a shared calendar for specific deadlines/events to do with osmuk business. Thank you Jez.

Meetings to be more inclusive: Gareth is going to arrange an extra ‘drop in’ meeting in October to allow informal chats with and between mappers and OSMUK.

Adam has been trying to contact moose (accountants) with limited success. This is causing quite some concern. Calling them seems to be the only way. Jon has sent all our materials to them for our accounts. Adam will try to contact them again. Gareth will assist.


The directors voted that we are a non-profit and will register accordingly. 4 for, 1 abstain (Gareth).

Company registered address

Adam’s house is the registered business address, however they’re planning to move house and are not intending to stand as director next year.
Jon will register their property as company address.


Address Project

Rob updates: It’s progressing. It’s produced a demo site from Peter. Russ has produced an example data set. Advisory group providing information and guidance on how to contact OS. Positive initial test of an app in the Wye Valley.
Letter to to notify other parties is being reviewed.

Promotional Leaflets microgrant

OSMF final submission sent, along with request to hold onto the rest of the money (approved). Microgrant committee did not follow up on their concern about using licensed (paid for) artwork.
We were graded as yellow following their review of all microgrants as result of this, despite this item being purchased with OSMUK funds, rather than microgrant funds.
Number of orders for flyer has dried up for now. There’s more boxes made up ready to go.


CJ has to reply to someone about using the camera following last months decision on

Quarterly Projects

Tourism project (Q3) has concluded. A wrap up email thread going round now.

Recycling and waste (Q4 project)
Gareth will host a drop in meeting on discord or BBB about the QP. Jez has done a bunch of work on this with

CJ was chatting with mapcomplete about setting up a theme for the QP.

Gareth to look at showing some datavis from the taginfo script.

Reports from events

Jez was at the scottish opendata unconference. This time there was not a lot of OSM stuff, though a bit ofwikidata chatter. They’ve got a team of students who will do some marketing for codethecity group. remote.


South wales project:

There’s going to be weekly meetings on a Thursday on this project, hosted by Rupert Allan