Board Meeting 2021-09-06

2021, Minutes

Minutes from June agreed

Fees increase

Adam and Gareth will meet in the next month – including updating CiviCRM and WordPress

Membership renewals

one new corporate member, some success with renewals of Corporate members.


Action: Jez to create one before next meeting

Meeting formats

No members ever join Board meeting, for OSMF people who join the board meetings tend to stand for the board. OSM Birthday call was a nice meeting, Gareth would like to organise a similar one, probably around. Would be good for Directors to join regional meet-ups.

Financial report

Jon emailed the bank and PayPal statements to Moose in late July and never heard back.
Action: Adam to phone Moose to find out current status (of accounts and HMRC fine).


Agreed to use Github to hold to-dos.
Action: Adam to make a public directors-tasks repo.

Address project

Have payment from all but one sponsor. Had a kick off on last Friday. Listed out topic questions. Top topics for Rob – how does database interface with front end website. How do we prevent duplicates. Outcome of meeting was async communication. Using MoSCoW to define deliverables.

NSUL Postcodes

Rob put together an NSUL Postcodes layer on MapBox, it was very popular and went over the free limit. Rob is discussing getting it sponsored by MapBox. If MapBox are unable to sponsor then OSMUK will sponsor.
Rob has been playing with NSUL data and there was a post about transferring it into polygons. Rob’s written a Python script to get buildings in OSM within a polygon and show their postcode state. Jupyter note books. Should be possible to turn Jupyter into a Flask project and host it on OSMUK.


Directors voted to reimburse Rob for postage costs. Gareth is going to generate some images using PrettyMaps. Rob to add files to GitHub. Report going to Foundation by end of September.

Increasing Camera Usage

voted to remove deposit and pay postage, with option for hirer to reimburse postage costs. Hirer must be an active member of OSMUK.

OSM Birthday Call

Gareth was inspired – he wants to arrange an informal chat to engage people.

FT Interview

CJ and Rob spoke covered the history of OSM and a bit of the future. Article hasn’t been published yet.