Board Meeting 2021-11-01

2021, Minutes

Minutes from October weren’t ready to be agreed


CiviCRM is now up-to-date

Some WordPress plugins might need updating, but care needs taking that they don’t break CiviCRM

100 active members. An increase.

Financial report

The accountant company have gone awol. We have tried to contact them over an HMRC fine.

We will chase them for a week, then Rob will look at producing accounts from previous year’s.

ICO: Will be filling in the form as not applicable

Addresses project

Work is progressing well.


Will be going out to a member


Rupert Allen looking into organising Welsh mapping

There is a Code The City which will be partially based on the OpenWasteMap project which in turn is powered by OSM data and relevant to the Quarterly Project


Using the TagInfo2GoogleSheets to show progress graph for Quarterly Project