Board Meeting 2021-12-06

2021, Minutes

Apologies: Jon, Jez
Chair: Adam
Minutes: Gareth


Minutes from October were approved. Minutes from November are still being drafted.

Gareth needs to plan the fees increase and share this schedule with the other directors. Gareth wants to know how to guide people to turn off auto-renew in paypal (or CiviCRM) ahead of any notice of fees increase as this may be one of the questions fed back.

In relation to CiviCRM: are what osm-us use to manage CiviCRM. Gareth will look into moving to this platform and whether any features we use are not covered.


The 2020-21 accounts are due by end of December. They also need to be shared with members. Moose have returned accounts , CJ will check if they have been sent to HMRC/companies house and check in with Rob who had started preparing those accounts whilst Moose were AWOL.

Financial reports:
We received a bank account update from Jon ahead of the meeting with details up to 30th November.

Bank account signatories:
This is still to be instigated by Jon and was chased up on the 30th of November.

Business Address:
Jon will update this.

Membership update

Since the start of November we have had 14 renewals, 1 new full member and 1 small corporate member. CJ will reach out to the corporate member to see if they would like to feature on our website.

ICO Report

Jon has submitted the form stating we’re a not-for-profit with the ICO.


Address project:
Rob N has updated the talk-gb mailing list on the status of the project and has had lots of feedback on the progress made and the approach proposed.

QP1 2022.

Gareth will start a conversation on Loomio for ideas and will begin a poll.
And! host a meetup on discord next week.
We discussed whether we can make the QP more engaging to all


Next meeting is on the 10th of January to account for the bank holiday.