Board Meeting 2022-03-07

2022, Minutes

Apologies: Jez
Chair: Jon
Minutes: Cj


Meeting Minutes, agreed.

CiviCRM Hosting Transition / Fees increase
Gareth to continue testing, likely we’ll transition ourselves, not involve a third party company.

Bank Account Signatories
Jon and Adam to start sending physical paper work for signatures.

Financial Report
Jon delivered update on Bank account and PayPal balances. Money from Facebook for the Address project hasn’t arrived yet. Rob may know more.


Address project
Was released as a beta on Talk GB on 2022-02-11.

Rob (and/or Jez) to have a meeting with an unknown company regarding OSM address data quality in the UK. (Update: Meeting did not go ahead)

National Trust has a new contact on their Paths project. Olivia has reached out to us.

QP1 2022
Gareth tried live chat via Discord. Gareth and Jez to try and arrange another before next month.
Possible change to BBB, Jon and Cj to try to be available for the next one.

QP2 2022
Shopping/retail likely candidate. Gareth communicate with Rob Whittaker regarding his new Linear High Street Maps tool.
Creating more tooling to be considered for Q3.

Property boundaries tile layer
Data now approximately a year old. Work to be done on updating the data and possibly highlighting new boundaries in different colours.


East Midlands/Nottingham meetup
Gareth attend the previous, and will likely attend the next.