Board Meeting 2022-04-04

2022, Minutes

Apologies: Jon
Present: Adam, CJ, Jez, Gareth, Rob (as guest, as Chair)

CiviCRM transition

Gareth has continued to investigate Spark CivCRM. The owner of this does not help with migration themselves but has a section on paid support. We suspect that this will be costly. Gareth has looked at the built in options to migrate. Can do bulk import of contacts / memberships but some things will be lost. Auto-renewing payments will stop for example. Gareth needs to find some time for testing / dry runs. Gareth to start a doc in google drive to start recording info and have a plan.

Bank account signatories

Jon has sent the PDF form to Adam. Check with Jon what is required.

Financial report

Sponsorship money for the address project received from Facebook.

Membership Renewals Update

In March: 2 new members & 7 renewals. A total of 106 members. For corporate membership OpenCage is up for renewal in April – Jez to arrange.

Address Project

Rob received and signed the paperwork to set up with the payment processor used by Pieter. Invoice expected at start of May. Rob has captured all the comments received in a spreadsheet and will review again. Then post to talk-gb to say this is ready for launch. Option to do a showcase (launch webinar). Change to JOSM complete to put addr:place in a better location on the preset form.

QP 2022Q2

This will be retail and CJ will email Robert Whittaker to check if he is happy for us to push his new tool and whether he wants any support from us.

Property boundaries layer

Cadastral parcels layer is starting to get a bit out of date. Need to work out a plan for doing a refresh. CJ did the initial work utilising the data download script. Rob to ask Russ how much effort it would be to add raster endpoint to his server, otherwise CJ will proceed with updating our own data server.

Talent Pool

Jez sent the Nominatim based Invitation to Tender (ITT) to Talent Pool. Agreed to promote the Talent Pool again to make sure people are aware it exists and to encourage more to sign up. No need to remove any existing Talent Pool members – they will message us if they don’t want to receive the ITT emails.

National Library of Scotland / Scotways launch

Rob attended the launch of the NLS/Scotways. Crowdsourcing project to digitise footpaths in Scotland from old OS maps that are out of copyright. They have a custom interface for doing this (we should probably share that with the OSM community in case others find this interface useful). 400 people have signed up for the launch. This follows on a earlier crowdsource to digitise the words on Roy maps. 33,000 names on the Roy maps got at least two transcriptions within 4 weeks.


BCS+DAMA “has Open Data come of age?” Weds 22 June 16:00-17:00. BCS is the Chartered Institute for IT. DAMA is the Data Management Association ( Lisa Allen from the ODI is organising. OSM UK board are struggling to find time to prepare this meeting and may need to decline. We will check with the OSM community first.

Demos Think Tank “The Costs of Creation: What is a Desirable Future for Monetised Online Work?”. date TBD, 1.5hrs Zoom. We agreed to send someone. Adam as our first preference, Jez as back up.

SotM 2022, Firenze Fri 19-21 Aug. Maybe a lightning talk on the Address project. Jez may try and attend in person.


TomTom have been posting MapRoulette tasks to talk-gb. It is a good way of seeing the range of quality of building outlines across the UK.