Board Meeting 2020-11-02

2020, Minutes

Attendees: Jez, Adam, CJ, Jon, Gareth
Apologies: None
Chair: Adam
Minutes: Gareth

Welcome to new directors

Jon and CJ have done the required paperwork to become listed directors of the company.
The schedule of the monthly calls was discussed and for now is still convenient for all directors. They will continue to be on the first Monday of the month at 19:30
Banking details – with new directors, the company account should be updated.

Business roles

Adam suggests some nominated roles to take leadership of certain company tasks. These aren’t strict or binding, but does mean there’s always some responsibility.
Finance will be led by Jon, deputised by Adam.
Communications has been done by Jez, but this can be mostly ad-hoc.
Website updates – WordPress/civicrm etc lead by Adam and CJ picking up more as we move servers.

Project Roles

This is mostly informally led by what interests each director.
e.g. Quarterly projects can interest certain directors more than others, but Gareth will take responsibility of making sure projects are wrapped up and new projects lined up.
There’s still a gap on who looks after commerce items (hi-vis vests) and camera rental, etc.
Jez is happy to continue looking after the talent pool, although this is very quiet due to covid-19 affecting budgets.

OSMF Roles Liaison

Jez has volunteered to be the named point of contact with OSMF.
Adam is interested in taking up the local chapter working group.


The OSMUK website was on donated server which was using webfaction as the host. We took over running this but recently webfaction got acquired and cannot migrate us.
We need to find alternative hosting as a priority as it needs to be done by end of November 2020.

Gareth suggests keep it simple due to timescales and get what we need for right now – the OSMUK website and the mappa-mercia website.
Jon is for AWS as it’s fairly easy to setup and we might get into the free tier.
Adam is wary of the unknown cost that can come with AWS.
Bytemark have sponsored OSM projects before, but the timescales are too tight to explore this.
Jon raises the point that there’s a priority call of if the main factor is time (of managing the server) or cost. AWS is cheap, but requires a bit more setup and volunteer maintenance.

AWS was selected. Jon will set it up.

Fees increase

Gareth suggests we defer starting the planning for this until December due to the workload and available time. This was agreed upon by the other directors.


Gareth will investigate what the rules are about when we have to arrange 2021 AGM considering 2020 was delayed. Do we go 12 months from now, or try to bring it back to it’s previous scheduled date.

Quarterly Project 4

This has been selected as defibrillators. By coincidence, OSM-FR had their ‘Monthly project’ also as defibrillators in October. The wiki page has been updated and crosslinked to some of their information.

Gareth will take a snapshot of the GB planet file to track progress.


Florian Lainez has contacted us about the osm-fr used application about the opportunity of using it for our quarterly projects. Adam is taking lead on this.


Jon will contact Brian to submit accounts/cic34 document + cheque for being a CIC.

taginfo-to-gsheets npm

Gareth has noted the outstanding work as issues on the github branch. Adam will clear out issues and deploy after server migration. Unfortunately it was not completed in time for the Q4 project.

Presentation to OSMF

Jez will confirm we can present to OSMF in November and will do the presentation.
A poll was held on Loomio, inviting members to indicate what topics were of greatest priority to them to start a discussion with OSMF.
Jez suggests giving a summary of the strengths/benefits/victories of being a local chapter, then raise some of the indicated priorities from the poll.
Jez will draft some talking points and then ask other directors to fill in any gaps.

Data Ethics Policy

Jon asked if we have a data ethics policy, and whether we should produce one.
The discussion on this seemed to yield 2 areas of focus:
OSMUK specific: stating clearly how member data will be managed and treated, for example.
OSM in the UK: more broadly, a policy of managing the levels of data we’d encourage to be added. the OSMF DWG likely has overlap here.
Gareth will work with Jon to explore this over the coming months.

Reports from events

This was held on the 17th of October. The draft minutes are here and will be approved at the next AGM or EGM. Attendees engaged well, the presentation from Rebecca Firth about HOT OSM was well received.

Future events
Code The City #21 hack weekend, 28-29 Nov, Aberdeen.

Jez would have been going to this. It is to have a focus on openstreetmap. Government restrictions on movement means that it will be remote attendance.

Jez pointed out that we may be able to contribute ideas/tasks. such as the taginfo npm module or translating the OSM-FR projetdumois tool.

Ramblers Don’t Lose Your Way campaign

There’s a nice map linked from their website showing what rights of way are thought to be at risk near your entered postcode. Jon notes it’s using an OSM basemap. Adam highlights there’s a lot of engagement still from OSM-UK and other prominent OSM contributor community members to try and incorporate this data back into the map wherever possible.