Board Meeting 2020-08-03

2020, Minutes

Attending: Brian, Rob, Gareth, CJ, Jez, Adam

Apologies: None

Chair: Adam
Minutes: Gareth

Brian explained the accounts. Corporation tax not demanded yet hence the £244 gap in totals versus in columns.
Brian to ask Accountants where 2020 CIC fee is and will get back to us.
Rob has a couple previous expenses to be added as accrued for this year.
Jez will produce the CIC34 report. This is an annual report detailing our community interest activities up to the end of March 2020.
Brian would like to hand off the accounts to someone else during the next 12 months.

Rob: We should go ahead with hosting it online.
Rob: We’ve 2 directors stepping down, Rob and Brian. CJ Malone and Jon Harley have volunteered interest to stand.
Adam: Keep AGM simple but gauge interest for more talks/presentations.
The date: 10th of October. Gareth + Rob will publicise the AGM.

<Brian left following these items>

Trek View
They’ve asked if we can publicise their camera rental scheme. They’re a NFP and not corporate members. The camera uploads to Mapillary and OSM can use that for edits.
Gareth will add details to website as no one objected.
Rob will liaise with the trek view founder and organise promotion.

Website Maintenance
Rob will check with webmaster for access. Adam will update components.
Rob will move mailchimp credentials. Adam will follow this up.

Director Interest
We have CJ Malone and Jon Harley interested to be directors to be appointed at next AGM.
Other people directly approached have expressed interest in potentially doing this in the future but are otherwise too time constrained to stand for 2020/2021 period.

OSM-UK Microgrants
Jez did post to Instagram about the Bexhill OSM grant.
Jez will write some content for this for the mailchimp newsletter
Gareth will include this from Jez in the mailchimp newsletter.

OSMF grant applications
Jez to write words talking about the leaflet making for ideas/help for the mailchimp newsletter.
Rob will respond to OSMF/Chris Beddow regarding bank payment.
Adam will coordinate with Rob on the leaflet after Rob steps down as a director.

Interaction/promotion of other UK groups
It was highlighted in July that we could promote some other UK groups. Gareth will add details of Missing Maps London group to website.

Cycling infrastructure is the Q3 project. Since publication, the wiki page has been enhanced by numerous contributors. Good levels of engagement.
Rob will e-mail Martin to see if we can help publicise integrating TfL data. e.g. write instructions, help present the data to mappers, etc.

Rob will speak to Rob Whittaker to see if server constraints can be alleviated to enable utility.
Rob: e-mailed tagging list with UPRN/USRN tagging proposal. They highlighted the need for a 2 week consultation. This is nearly at its end and then can go into voting.

Event report: missing maps London
Jez attended: remarked how much he learned, e.g. how difficult it is to map places on the African continent where aerial imagery is poor. Jez says it’s one of the best introduction to mapping for new mappers that he’s seen.

Call with Ramblers/Nick Whitelegg
Adam attended, Jack (programme manager) + ian from ramblers. This was about the Dont Lose Your Way program; preserving/recording PRoW ahead of 2026 deadline. Next steps (from them): google doc to share ideas.
Adam will chase up on the link to the google document.

TagInfo script
Adam is going to work on this to make it an npm module to make it more usable.

Loomio tidy up
Rob tidied up Loomio. This was to remove various subgroups which were under used and were originally implemented because archiving wasn’t a feature available at the time. It’s now a lot simpler and user friendly. All directors are now admins and are labelled as Directors.
Jez will pick up on Loomio management once Rob steps down next AGM.

July minutes are still outstanding. Rob will amend this.