Board Meeting 2020-07-06

2020, Minutes

Present: Rob, Jez, Gareth, Adam (+15 minutes at Freegle section of meeting).
Apologies: Brian.
Chair: Gareth
Minutes: Rob

Request for new Directors

Email newsletter sent out and individual contacts emailed. Jon indicated that he would be up for re-joining after September. Positive response from CJ Malone with some questions that we helped answer.

OSM UK actions

Discussed whether it is worth using the actions spreadsheet again (or something else). Agreed that it is simpler to manage actions via the meeting minutes for now.

Corporate members

Our thanks to Freegle to becoming a new corportate member. We also used the new online payment system to receive the money (saving time on having to create an issue invoices).


On hold until we have confirmed who will stand to become new Directors. The CIC form is still outstanding.

UK Microgrants

Alexis has been paid and will do some comms (blog, twitter). Adam has followed up with the other. No rush on this as needs the Covid situation to improve further first.

ACTION: Jez to ask Alexis to take a photo of the equipment for us to put in a mailchimp.
ACTION: Jez to craft and send the mailchimp.

OSMF grant applications

Our leaflet project was accepted. The other two were rejected. Blog post now on OSMF channels but we haven’t advertised to our members yet. We have 12 months to deliver and claim the costs.

ACTION: Jez to mention this in the mailchimp and ask for any ideas / help.

Quarterly project q3

Martin was quick to reply showing interest in a cycling project. Little discussion otherwise.

Happy to proceed with cycling. Lots to do already and we hope that the TfL conflation project becomes ready within the period.

ACTION: Rob to send erroring taginfo script to Adam.

Reports from events

Good attendance at FOSS4GUK online.

25 people attended the UPRN/USRN meeting at SotM 2020 online. Minutes and slides now published. There was a request that we collate questions and send them to the OS. Send these to us if you want us to follow up.

At the same meeting there was also a comment from Robert W about costs of expanding his server to be able to serve more data.

ACTION: Rob to reach out to Robert to see what he would need.

We pass our thanks on to those involved in running such a great online SotM 2020 event, including to Gregory who helped from Durham.

Future events

Jez will attend Missing Maps London (online) Tue 7 July
It is the OSM birthday 10/11 Aug
Jez will probably speak about something OSM-related at Scotland Open Data Unconference Sept, online