Board meeting 2020-01-06

2020, Minutes
  • Rob Nickerson
  • Adam Hoyle
  • Jez Nicholson
  • Gareth Lloyd


  • Brian Prangle
Quarterly project

Discussed the end of the Q4 project. Discussed whether we had time to go to a community discussion. Decided that given it was 6 January already we would just pick parks and nature reserve paths.

Note: This actually ended up going out to Loomio for discussion but the end result was the same – Paths in parks and nature reserves.


We have been using Loomio for several years now for free. Towards the end of 2019 we learnt that Loomio was brining it’s free offering to an end and that we would have to pay to continue with write access. As we are a community group we can get the discounted rate of USD 1 per user per year.

We discussed the alternate options. Not necessary wanting to use talk-gb mailing list as that mixes community and organisation (e.g. we don’t want it to seem that OSM UK is in change of more than it really is). Self hosting is a lot of effort and time wise is above the cost to pay for Loomio. Other solutions lack the decision making tools of Loomio which, whilst we don’t make extensive use of them, we feel that they still have a lot to offer our group.

We decided to stick with Loomio for now, paid for out of general funds. We will start with a years membership. Assess in Q3/Q4 2020.

Membership and finance update

Start of a new quarter so agreed to provide a membership and finance update. Values added after meeting (as at 2 Feb 2020)


  • 95 normal members (3 renewals in Dec, 1 new in Jan)
  • 5 corporate members


  • PayPal: £100.00
  • Bank: £3060.78
    • Owed: £115.63 (Loomio, web domain, HiVis order)
Microgrant scheme

We reviewed the outstanding comments on the microgrant proposal including:

  • confirmation that the board will form both the planning committee; and the review committee during the first pilot scheme;
  • setting dates including agreement to send another reminder on; Loomio for help to review the proposal; and
  • addition of review criteria and a scoring mechanism.

The final text can be found here (PDF).

The form was set up with the questions we agreed and the first pilot microgrant scheme was launched on 26 Jan 2020.