Board meeting 2018-08-09

2018, Minutes

No formal minutes were taken during the meeting. Shared spreadsheets are used for tracking actions, and this meeting reviewed them and added two actions.


  • Gregory
  • Rob
  • Jez
  • Brian


  • Ops Review current actions
  • Enquiries and contacts to/from Board members
    • Microsoft querying have we compared OSM to OS open data? …..find someone for St Albans (nobody on OSM UK members list)
  • Finance update
  • Membership update
  • Projects
    • Strategy for 2018-19
    • How do we measure success?
    • Talent Directory
      • expand talent directory to paid/unpaid
    • Updating OSM Wiki / UK Pages
      • maybe pick on particular content
    • Notes App
    • QP update
      • Brian to run loomio poll mid september for re-run of previous Qps
    • Northampton University
  • Reports from events SOTM 2018 – Greg / Rob
  • Future Events
    • UK Mapping Festival 4-6 Sept 2018,
      • Offer of free stand + tickets
      • [TBD] BP to reply to offer before end of Friday 10 Aug saying yes/no. JN on holiday.
    • London Brighton Digital Festival Sept 2018
      • JN met event organiser and agreed to speak. May be cancelled due to event organiser family illness
      • No need to discuss in meeting. JN to await further word
    • Data4Good 14 November 2018, Birmingham
      • no need to discuss in meeting. BJP to await further word
    • Open Data Camp 10/11 Nov 2018, Aberdeen
    • SOTM 21-23 Sept 2019, Heidelberg
      • [JN] We should encourage an even bigger turnout from UK next time
    • JN contacted ODI Manchester about running a Joy Diversion session and they are keen.
  • AOB
    • British Heart Foundation defibrillator map
      • Brian to contact BHF.
    • Waylens from Telenav
      • Greg received at SotM
      • To send to Rob so it can be hired out (alternative to 360 cam hire)
    • Birmingham City Council Case Study
      • Brian to adopt rob’s feedback
    • Northampton University New Campus mapping (Brian). Quote raised and accepted. PO on its way.Work booked for 20-21 Aug