Board meeting 2018-07-12

2018, Minutes

Minutes of the meeting that got postponed to the 19th. (originally scheduled for the 12th)

Actions from previous meetings

Working throught the actions from June’s project. With specific conversation on the following points…

Rob reported back on his call with the 1900s meeting.

Jez and Greg to chat on reviewing the discussions of KPIs, and which we would like to use if we could measure/record them. Might be good to consider engaging with our academic connections.

Next step on the 2018 strategy? Should work out what the actions are that come out of that. To look at creating a quarterly task list, and to see how that goes.

Geospatial commission contact, has over run the Cabinet Office policy to reply within 15 days.

Enquires to board

Brian has been contacted from “BBC Shared Data Unit” in Birmingham, asking to do some training with their interns. Payment unknown, should at least ask if there is budget for payment.
SW Highways Authority, small consultancy (use open source). Will consider a case studies and/or corporate membership. Brian to continue and share a link to what they do.
BCU, further discussion now about collaboration but still slow to get replies. We could be proactive in creating a list of suitable student projects (inc linking to existing OSM lists/ideas).
Northampton University – Brian put in a quote as “OSM UK” in case nobody else did. It’s been accepted, Brian happy with profit to stay in OSM UK coffers.
Brighton Digital Festival, Jez saw this was happening so contacted them.
ODI HQ, talking to Rob about barriers to OSM UK use and sent a document. Rob to share with board.

Financial Update

About £1400 in accounts. With £14 gone to CIC regulator report.
Brian working with Moose Accountants, and has letter of engagement. Meeting with them has been beneficial. Brian to agree that and link software, only exception being that we won’t set our registered address to them. All directors on call agreed. Brian to also create a spreadsheet so we can manage invoices of corporate members.

Membership update

Action, Rob to check third skin membership and chase for blog post details.
1 new standard member.


Most points discussed earlier in meetings.

Updating OSM Wiki (UK pages). Jez trying to organise an audit, so it’s a step towards being able to tidy it. Could possibly set up a working group, no response.

Notes App, no recent progress. Adam would like to have someone else to work with so he’s more productive. Need to know where to get map tiles from. Trello board now exists with the tasks. OSM Focus now released source code, which might be helpful.

QP (quarterly project) update. Should use as a way of contacting other organisations. Each director can contact local orgs.
Adam can add projects to StreetComplete App, action for him to do that.

Repeated discussion to keep putting stuff in public Loomio. Try to have director votes outside of meetings. Directors to add “(Director)” to their name on Loomio, to make it clear that we are discussing and listening, and everyone is involved.

Reports from events

Brian to share details from Digital Transport Conference, which was helpful for how he explained OSM as “elevator pitch”.

Next events

Bristol or Southampton suggested for an October event. Should we put a post to the members? Yep.

Open Data Camp, Jez and Gregory intend to attend.
Data4Good, Adam and others considering to attend.


CIC Regulator report now gone off. Awaiting confirmation that it’s been accepted.

Board meetings communication. Calls are expensive. Adam found Mumble, and curious as to whether we should consider it. Decided to stick with the phone system.

Meeting finished +84 minutes.