Board meeting 2018-04-12

2018, Minutes

Brian (chair)


Minutes approved

Previous minutes

Matters Arising

Not had terms of engagement yet. Should follow up after AGM etc.

Brian to check up on the consultants enquiry

Reports on enquiries to board

One from Microsoft, about open data. More details later but likley after June. Happy for Rob to continue and await their proposal.

ODI contact about a grant, all directors still needing to read it properly.

Brian approached via Mapbox about a drone company. They operate training and compliance programmes. Likely to turn this into an OSM UK working group about drones.


Financial report

New coporate member signed up but not invoiced. A couple more members.

For finances, should have everything in order for filing.

How is money for the camera rental being managed. ACTION: Jon to ask Rob.

Post-meeting clarification from Rob: Money for camera rental is paid in to our PayPal via a webpage (unlinked so as to not have people pay without first contacting us). I then send it and pay the return postage with my own money. Finally I claim this back from OSM UK as a bank transfer (via Jon). [Jon confirmed he has seen the payment come in]

CIC Annual Report

Brian thanks us for feedback.
Question: circulate it in same form to members, or just extract the report. Suggested the latter, as the form doesn’t offer anything else.

Corporate members

Need to focus on list of orgs to contact and add extra ones

Membership report

69 members now. That would make quorum be 7. Deadline to sign-up and get voting rights is 20th April, fast approaching.

Members fees should be discussed later, when we have time before AGM 2019.


Nothing new to report

AGM Voting

Some confusion, about when and what resolutions can be proposed.
More worried about getting any nominations for board.
ACTION: each director to write a sentence about “what being director has meant to me & to the community”
This could go in newsletter to encourage people.
Brian: propose we address more than 2 nominations (how to handle), after nominations close.
Jon: propose next board be 1st Thursday (3rd May) for various reasons/help.
Proposal of meeting date ageed.

AGM Planning

Do we need materials/equipment?

ACTION: Greg to discuss sign-up method. Planning. Greg will make thread in Loomio (public).

With activities, workshop, timetable to discuss too.


Jon: wanted to publicise the AGM, as discussed already. Needs to be in next 7 days.
Brian: Everybody get your director sentences in, so Rob can include that.


Registered address needs to change, need a new one.
ACTION: Brian to ask about options, including asking Andy.

Meeting finished 20:25.