Board meeting 2018-03-08

2018, Minutes

Brian chairing, Jon taking minutes
Apologies: Rob

Matters Arising

  • 360 Camera: Rob needs to be reimbursed, less rental income to date. ACTION: Rob to forward receipts
  • Gregory requested expenses for the Geospatial Commission Workship. RESOLVED: to approve this. ACTION: Gregory to forward travel reciept.
  • GeoMob Gregory and Rob have been advising Adam what to present ACTION: Gregory to forward some PP slides to Adam for further material
  • App/Tile server: Adam has had no reply from AA, will approach at GeoMob
  • AGM: Jon and Adam volunteered to stand down at the AGM to create the 2 required board vacancies

Enqiries to the Board

  • Brian received an enquiry from ?consultants ACTION: Brian to post details on Loomio, to be included in these minutes

Financial Report

  • no new ordinary members, 2 new corporate members (now paid up)

Corporation Tax

  • HMRC have agreed to update their records so that the first accounting period will be 1/7/17-31/3/18, and future periods ending on 31/3 annually. Jon has signed up for a government gateway account for OSMUK to manage CT. Expecting paperwork in the post from HMRC.


  • Brian has negotiated a deal with local accountancy firm IamMoose who will prepare our accounts FOC for the first period, in return for us using their software at £5/month. RESOLVED: to use IamMoose for this year. ACTION: Brian to chase them for a Letter of Engagement, and put them in touch with Jon to take this forward.

Corporate Membership Drive

  • ACTION: Brian to decide which organisations to contact in March

UK/Welsh Render

  • Rob has been liaising with Satorliab who expect to secure funding to maintain their Welsh render
  • We have previously agreed that the first priority for a UK render is cartography, but have not found suitable volunteers for this. RESOLVED: to discuss this with members at the AGM as part of a wider discussion about ongoing priorities.


  • Adam has started some design sketches based on the workflows developed with Jon, some screens are easy and others more difficult. ACTION: Adam to share the sketches so far, Jon to give feedback and input
  • RESOLVED: Adam to run a workshop on this app (and maybe other apps?) at the AGM


  • We may do a workshop that ties in with ODI who are looking at doing something to commemorate the bicentenary of the Peterloo Massacre
  • RESOLVED to accept two proposed workshops
  • ACTION: Adam to plan app workshop
  • RESOLVED: to publish the AGM venue and agenda on 3 April
  • We will need a report on activities for the CIC regulator which we should also present at the AGM. There should also be a report on finances.
  • ACTION: Brian to draft an Agenda.
  • ACTION (Greg?): to advertise the two board vacancies and call for Special Resolutions by 13 March (the deadline is 3 April)
  • ACTION: Jon to draft a detailed process for the elections based on the requirements of our AoA
  • ACTION: Rob to continue to liaise with ODI Manchester and report at next board meeting

Meeting ended +43 minutes.
Next meeting: 12 April.

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