Board meeting 2018-02-08

2018, Minutes

Minutes of OpenStreetMap UK Board Meeting 8 February 2018


Gregory Marler
Jon Harley
Rob Nickerson
Adam Hoyle
Brian Prangle

Meeting organisation: Rob to Chair, Brian to take minutes
Minutes of the Previous Meeting: – approved
Matters Arising: none not covered by subsequent agenda items

Enquiries to Board:

Rob reported a contact enquiring about mapping trees and producing a standardised “open trees” map. Some initial discussion was had and the enquirer put in touch with the relevant talk resources. No further response since then

Financial Report:

£1466.26 bank balance. Rob still to claim for 360 camera
• revised budget presented
• discussion about filing process, filing date and HMRC demand for corporation tax leads to conclusion that Chartered Accountant is required. Brian to use local contacts to find someone. Confirmed that we’re exempt from audit requirements
• agreed that we offer Sartorilabs a last resort offer (i.e if they cannot find repeat funding by March 31) to host the Welsh language render ( basic hosting and domain registration only at an annual cost of £262 – the quoted maintenance costs are out of reach). There remainsthe possibility of transferring to a better quoted hosting service

Membership Report:

65 members with some new members acquired in January

Corporate Membership drive

• discussion on Greg’s draft letter and potential benefits to members leads to agreement to give more emphasis on supporting the ongoing QA and improvement of the data that many businesses now rely on from OSM. Brian to redraft
• it was also agreed to offer companies a listing on our website and for them display our logo on their website. A specific “member logo” was discussed but no conclusion reached
• It was agreed that we list on our website any UK company that provides mapping services based on OSM, not just those that are members
• More work needed to develop Rob’s work on potential member list, particularly on contacts. All directors to participate
• It was agreed that sponsorship drives would be for specific projects not basic running expenses which should be covered by membership fees


• it was noted that given 45 days notice is required, accounts have to be prepared and elections arranged that we need a timeline of action dates. Rob to prepare
• Venue selection is still ongoing- Rob is working with ODI on a possible joint event, Greg has a contact with Manchester University and Brian has located a room at £20 per hour at Friends’ Meeting House. It was agreed to pursue Rob’s option, bearing in mind timelines
• workshops: there are two on offer – Andy Mabbett on working with Wikidata, and Greg on how to teach OSM to new mappers. Greg to request again on talk-gb for more workshop offers


– Adam sent emails to Grant and Tom regarding a contact at Bytemark last week. Action to send reminder emails.
– Adam wrote to Andy Allan about server spec. Action to send reminder emails.
– We also noted that has much cheaper virtual servers than ones we have looked at in the past. Action on Adam to take a look and do some due diligence (i.e. is it cheaper because it is missing something we’d need?)


– Adam and Jon have worked up process flows through the various parts of the app including button/menu interaction.
– Loomio poll on which features to include completed with responses helping to shape the key features.
– Action: Mock up screens and share online with community.
– We discussed options to deliver this project. Both Jon and Adam are happy to continue with this project. Jon noted that it is a small project and could be delivered (to v1) in a few weeks if we focus on it. Adam likely unable to be able to work to such a fast timeline due to family/work commitments but happy to continue with the project at a pace he can manage but equally happy to hand it over and act more as a mentor.
– Whatever the final delivery mechanism is we felt we should continue with the current actions.