Board meeting 2017-06-08

2017, Minutes

Board Meeting

Held by teleconference on 8 June at 7.30pm.


  • Brian
  • Adam
  • Gregory
  • Rob

Agreed Rob to chair.


  • Jon

1. Minutes

Accepted Board Meeting minutes 2017-05-11 as an accurate record.

2. Matters Arising

Bank Account Progress (Jon)
  • Jon not present on call. No update.
  • Action: Rob to check with Jon and try to chase account creation up with the bank.
OSMF Affiliation (Rob)
  • Was discussed on their May meeting. Some comments to address, and board was going to message Rob with the comments so a reply could be provided. Rob has followed up with specific member, and with the board, still nothing heard back from them.
  • Gregory checked, 7(about 10%) of our members have Scottish postcodes.
Standing Orders (Brian )
  • Amendment will be made and published on Loomio over the weekend.
Domains (Rob)
  • Transfer of ownership is in progress.
  • E-mails for directors are planned to be set-up.
Website (Greg)
  • Rob: website is down at the moment, due to servers changing over.
  • Rob will be up writing content.
  • Action: Greg to choose template/layout before next director meeting.
Logo (Rob)
  • Adam: sent tweaks on it.
  • We’ll start using it on Loomio, Twitter, Case Studies.
Welsh/UK rendering (Adam)
  • Lots of conversation and happenings with Nick.
  • Waiting for server, how far have we got
Case Studies (Brian/Greg)
  • First Case Study draft available for review, will gradually work through the list a couple at a time. Good idea to have to PDFs for download from the website but doubts raised about formatting web page version
Apps (Adam)
  • Lots of conversations and reviews of the recent talk threads on Notes. Brief scheamtic with wireframe views will be available shortly. If photo share to be a function of the app then we will need a temporary repository. Adam to contact WMF via Andy Mabbett

3. Membership Report (Greg)

74 newsletter subscribers
83 on the members list (may need cleaning)
CiviCRM chosen to manage memberships (including payment) going forward.

4. Report on new initiative with (Brian)

At a recent meeting of the Birmingham Smart City Alliance presented their social media platform for enabling large corporates to connect with 18-34 olds for employment offers: shots” in their parlance as in let me take a shot at that” and launched their West Midlands hub. Third sector outfits such as ourselves can participate free and shots can be volunteering opportunities not neccessarily paid positions. It seems to be worthwhile experimenting to see if we can connect via a new channel to potential mappers so we’ll use the West Midlands hub as a pilot and also offer in parallel to the wider OSM community where anyone was prepared to act as a mentor” and engage locally. If there is any uptake on the wider inititative then engage with once we know, but go ahead in WMids now.

5. Financial Report (Jon)

Jon by email: I have been chasing the bank, and they assure me that the account will be open in the next few days. At that point we’ll get a timescale for the issuing of the stationery and cards
Brian reported that the sum to be transferred for OSMF for consultancy service carried out last year for Birmingham City Council has been confirmed as £1200
Budget Preparation
OpenStreetMap UK CIC Ltd Draft Budget 2017-2018
Last updated 8 June 2017
OSMF transfer of consultancy fees earned by mappamercia
100 members @ £5
Organisation members
Tile Server
Companies House registration fee (re-imburse Brian)
Apple Store registration for proposed app
Paypal/Credit Card commission on membership sign up
Domain Registration
It was agreed to publish this as a separate document on Loomio

6. Media Report (Brian)

Agreed that we should extend participation and ask for volunteers for a Media Working Group

7. Highways England (Brian)

A group from within their Customer Division has taken on the mantle for owning the relationship between Highways England and sat nav/mapping companies. We’re on the list of participants and HE is currently defining what the relationship should look like based amongst other things on our list of data wishes sent a couple of months ago. They are also defining roles and responsibilities for getting that data out to the world as they have a team who collect the data, a team who set the standards and a third team who do the publication. HE has been constrained by Purdah and the election but hope to publish a considerable amount within the next few months which would relate to their static asset data.

8. PRoW updates (Brian)

Lots of positive feedback with lots of complexity. Brian aiming to work with Rober Whitaker who is more of an expert in this area to make initial contact with the current statutory list of recipients of PROW amendments

9. Quarterly Projects

It was agreed that this should be resuscitated under a OSMUK banner so that collective decisions culd be made. Brian to create a Loomio thread asking for suggestion for July-Sep quarter.

9. Any Other Business

Contact Ilya Zverev to see what has happened to the Shell Filling station import.